Craiglist bike sellers: fool Bike Snob with paint trick

Bike Snob NYC is famous for his critiques of fixies sold via web classifieds. He has a point, there are some truly awful paintjobs out there and some weird combinations of equipment.

But if trickle down technology could speed up a bit, Craigslist bike sellers could protect themselves from BSNYC’s barbs. Tech and auto blogs are currently going mad over a colour changing paint. Car owners will soon be able to switch paintjobs at the push of a button:

“[A] special polymer containing paramagnetic iron oxide particles [is applied] to the whip’s exterior; an applied electric current then adjusts the spacing of small crystals within the iron oxide particles, and therefore affects their ability to reflect light and change color. Essentially, vehicles could rock a default color when turned off, and then your imagination could go wild once you turned over the ignition.”

So, fixie owners who wanted to use future-tech to their advantage could choose a boring default frame colour for web listings but one that could switch to trademark garish awfulness once Bike Snob has passed on by. Just a thought.