Ruhr valley to stage a Reclaim the Streets dream event

Dortmund will be the place to be in 2010. 60kms of the A40 Autobahn is to be closed to cars on Sunday June 20th.

Here’s the Reclaim the Streets advice on ‘How to sort a street party’.

1 Get together with some like-minded people. Possibly your friends. Work on a plan of action. Sort out different roles, jobs and timescales. Imagine. What’s possible?

2 Decide on a date. Give yourselves enough time. Not too much – a “deadline” is a great motivator – but enough to sort the practicals: materials, construction etc. You may need money.

3 A 12-lane freeway? Choose the location. Your street, the town centre, a busy road or roundabout, a motorway! A separate meeting place is good: people like a mystery, bureaucrats don’t.

5 Music! Sort out your sound system. A party needs music – rave, plugged-in, acoustic, yodelling – go for diversity. Invite jugglers and clowns, poets, prophets and performers of all kinds. Ask campaign groups to come along and set up a stall in the middle of the road.

6 How will you transform the space? Huge banners with a message of your choice, colourful murals, bouncy castle, a ton of sand and a paddling pool for the kids, carpets, armchairs.

9 Have a street party! Boy in blue being calmed Enjoy the clean air and colour full surroundings, the conversation and the community Bring out the free food, dance, laugh and set off the fire hydrants. Some boys in blue may get irate. Calm them down with clear instructions. reports that on Sunday 20th June “motorists scything along the A40 autobahn towards Essen will find their progress impeded by a giant open-air picnic. A vast table, 60km long, will stretch all the way from the towns of Dortmund to Duisburg, and there will be music, food and dancing. All in all, it would probably be better to avoid the area. Mind you, there is plenty of time to find an alternative route; the Sunday in question is in 2010.”