Zero bike content; 100% giggle fit

I’ve now listened to this multiple times and it cracks me up every time.

BBC Radio 4 newsreader Charlotte Green corpsed this morning during the Today programme. She got a fit of the giggles live on air while reading an obituary for Oscar-winning screenwriter Abby Mann. Presenter James Naughtie nearly succumbed, too…

I was only half-listening to the radio at the time when an awful buzzing sound came on. This was an 1860 recording of a French song, the earliest recording of a human voice. But it was so scratchy, a fellow presenter made a joke about it in Charlotte Green’s ear and her famous composure collapsed.

This will be all over the web, from all sorts of sources. The BBC is taking it in good humour and Green has won a whole set of new fans…

…since the last time she corpsed, in 1997.

While reading the 8:00am Today programme news, Green collapsed into giggles after announcing the appointment of Jack Tuat (pronounced ‘twat’) to the Papua New Guinea government.

“It’s an open secret that I have a ribald sense of humour. I knew immediately that I was going to have trouble getting through the next story, which to compound the problem was about a sperm whale.

In the few seconds before the voice piece ended, Sue (Sue MacGregor) repeated sotto voce, almost with a sense of wonderment, ‘Jack Tuat’. I caught her eye and from that moment knew I was lost.