Bell on bikes

Kinnell. Dunno a blind werd ‘e sez, but once you’ve got yer ‘ead round his Scouse dialect, you’ll find Tony Bell’s 2004 after dinner speech to a Welsh cycling club to be the gear. Rude, mind.

Use this Scouser dictionary to understand the former columnist for Cycling Weekly. Forgive the camera shakes, the videographer was probably on the scoop.

You learn something every day. For instance, I’ve learned that crogger is Scouse dialect for bagging a backie, ie cadging a lift on your mate’s bike saddle.

Bike2Oz is video series worth watching

Bike2Oz tells the story of Kevin Doye, a train worker, and Lowanna King, a school teacher, who chose to pedal to Australia rather than fly to highlight the damage created by aviation to the climate.

The couple filmed their 18-month adventure across the UK, Europe, Pakistan, India, Iran, Singapore and Australia.

Expedia’s video viral nicely executed

I have had problems with Expedia in the past. Always read the small print, there’s a ‘no changing any details’ reason the flight tickets are often so cheap!

But their latest video viral – all about funny Johnny-Foreigner hotel signs – is smile-worthy. Humour is a good viral tactic, although I can’t see this one being passed on in huge numbers. It’s not very edgy, but probably good for the demographic.

WARNING: contains zero bike content, another minus point in my book…

Sicko caught not having sex with his bike

Unlike a certain Scottish cyclist, a man in Ohio has been busted for having sex with a picnic table.

In the US news report above, a wonderfully rotund police chief explains exactly where and how Arthur Price got it on with his garden furniture.

The incidents occurred between January and March 2008.

Price admitted that he had sex with the picnic table when police questioned him. He now faces four counts of public indecency.

Last year, a Scottish cyclist was put on the sex offenders register for lubing his bike in a way not recommended in any traditional handbooks, a ‘life imitates art’ moment earlier echoed in this video:

Go dark for Earth Hour tomorrow night

On March 29th at 8pm in your time zone, turn off your lights and conserve.

It’s a campaign by Earth Hour:

Not to be confused with Dan ‘Polar bears are gay’ Power seen in this viral vid earlier in the week:

A reminder about this Earth Hour campaign has been placed on the iCal and Google Calendar. Sync your PC or Mac to this calendar and get daily agenda emails, dates on your cellphone and other fancy stuff.

Bicycle Dates 2008 can be loaded to your calendar program. Any changes or additions are automagically updated on your machine seconds after I make the changes on my machine. Once you’ve sync’ed to Bicycle Dates 2008 you choose which of them you want to highlight with alarms and auto-emails.

You can also set up Google Calendar so it emails you an agenda each morning so you don’t have to look at your PC/Mac calendar to know what bicycle events are coming up that day.

iCal meshes beautifully with the iPhone and now Google Calendar does too. Both cal programs also mesh with standard cellphones.

Here are some other ways to get the data…


Google ics.

Plain old web view.

Mac iCal.

Moonwalking bear vid nearly tops viral list

According to the Viral Video Chart, Transport for London’s ‘Do the Test’ video is now at number two in the list. Yesterday it was at number eight.

The British video has had 1.18m views on YouTube. Very few viewers will know – or care – that the idea for the video was plagiarised from an American academic.

Cut up by a car? Carve your name on the side

Not on a lovely metal car, of course, one of these wooden ones:

Udo Haase, a wood carver from Kiel in Germany, created a 1:1 replica of a Mercedes 300 SL last year and then went and trumped it by later making a Ferrari 250 GTO.

Unlike the beasties with engines, these two benign vehicles can’t go very fast. But, should making cars out of wood catch on, at least we could punish any bad driving by using an Olympic-style parabolic mirror to let the driver know he’s upset us.

Mind you, that could inflame, ahem, the war between cyclists and motorists. There are now so many wooden bikes, a special splintering-and-burning clause would have to be placed in Bike Snob NYC’s proposed peace treaty between cyclists and motorists.

Clarkson lover fries his undercrackers

As video virals go, the one below is a belter. It’s laugh-out-loud funny.

The anti-hero is a fat, sexist, conservation-hating, energy-wasting SUV driver who shouts at cyclists (“check this out, loser!”), pollutes for fun and wears a t-shirt that says ‘Polar bears, who cares?’

And it’s all to promote Energy Wasting Day. Fantastic bit of reverse psychology. Literally: Mr Dan Power drives backwards into a recycling container.

Another of Mr Power’s t-shirts reads ‘Polar bears are gay’. He reckons anybody who doesn’t drive a ‘chick magnet’ SUV is a “woman or a child.”

The viral was produced for the Climate Group, an eco-charity.

The Climate Group has some big-budget backers, such as M&S, Tescos, Sky TV and More Than.

Naturally, they’re all plugging their ‘eco-friendly’ not-so-conspicious-consumption products such as online car mileage monitors, planet-friendly kettles and other such green-tinged goodies. Sadly, there are no bikes on display. Corporations like to do their bit for the planet but truly encouraging customers out of their cars is not something that’ll catch on. Until the oil runs out, that is.

The difference colour and music makes

This is an interesting video. It features only minimum bike content (a passing cyclist). The short is by Martin Frericks.

It’s the same footage, played twice. In the first version a poisonous colour cast has been embedded in post-production. The music mirrors this. In the second version there’s a happier filter and happier music.

A Matter of Colour and Sound from Martin Frericks on Vimeo.

To watch the video in HD, click here. Vimeo is what broadband was invented for!

Vote for ‘Cruising on my scraper bike’

The annual YouTube award nominations are out. Cycling vids don’t make it into the ‘sports’ category but there’s a classic in the ‘music’ category.

It’s a music video for ‘Scraper Bike’ by the Trunk Boiz, starring Young Champ, J-Dub aka Alexander Tha Grate, and B-Janky. And a bunch of scraper bikes, of course.

Scraper what?

“Scraper bikes: A new trend that is a part of the San Francisco Bay Area Hyphy Movement in which people ride their tricked out bikes and go stupid, dumb, retarded while on their bikes. Generally, the bikes have nice designs, such as duo-tone paint jobs, and rims or spinners. The term was coined by the rap group Trunk Boiz of Oakland, California.” Urban Dictionary

Jerome: Me and my buds was on our scraper bikes picking up on girls. My scraper bike go hard, I don’t need no car.
Tyrone: That go

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