New comments feature

OK, I stuffed up. I’ve loaded a wonderful new comment system from Disqus but managed to ‘lose’ all the existing comments in the process.

Sorry about that. This ineptitude may not be on the same scale as gumming up a whole airport on its shiny new opening day but ineptitude it is.

Disqus uses avatars and your profile, and pic, stays the same on all of the thousands of other sites which use Disqus, including The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and Fred Wilson’s Musings of a VC in NYC. Apparently, you can also load to Disqus, twitter-style, via email and SMS. Disqus is also compliant with OpenID, using single sign-on service Clickpass.

I still have a database copy of all your hundreds of comments and I shall place this on the site soon.

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