Victoria is on fire!

Victoria Pendleton is seen here in this Gatorade promo:

Win sports equipment for your club, urges the promo. The Gatorade Gives Back website says:

With Gatorade you can get your hands on top sports rewards! Build up your Gatorade points to redeem against sports kit and experiences.

Plus awesome prizes up for grabs every week! Use your points to enter and win! From skiing holidays to VIP experiences they have the lot. Have a look at the fixture list and see what gets the adrenalin going.

Register your club or team and get a CASH reward of £250 Bronze, £500 Silver or £1000 Gold. All you have to do is get everyone to donate their points to get your cash. When you reach your target, they’ll send you your CASH cheque. Any club, any sport, you can help them succeed!

The promo video features Victoria pedalling after a trials rider who has stolen her bottle of energy drink.

I have recently shot two videos where Victoria is herself.

Car-as-a-weapon metaphor lost on boy (and girl) racers?

You don't need a gun to be a killer

I spotted this ad on a bus the other day. It’s from a North East England road safety campaign called The website has lots of other graphics, but I couldn’t find this one online so the iPhone grab shot will have to do.

The campaign is aimed at young male drivers, especially new teen motorists. While the car-as-a-weapon metaphor is poignant, I can’t help feeling the message won’t get through to young male drivers. In fact, it probably makes fast, aggressive driving “sexier”.

What do you reckon? A good image to educate drivers that they are in charge of machines that can kill, or a metaphor that equates guns with speed and hence is attractive to testosterone-rich young drivers?

NB. Testosterone is a hormone linked with aggression. Women have less of the stuff than men. But I’ve seen a growing number of girl racers recently. Perhaps they have elevated levels of testosterone and that’s what makes them ape the hot-hatch boy racers?