Save on fuel costs (it saves lives, too)

Earlier this month I argued that motorists would probably respond better to the message ‘slow down, it’ll save you money’ rather than ‘slow down, you’ll kill less people’.

I’m therefore pleased to see that a major fleet training group is pushing the ‘save petrol, drive better’ message. The IAM Fleet Group is trialling a new eco-driving course. Yes, it will save companies money, but eco-driving (less speeding, less accelerating away from traffic lights, less senseless revving, more appropriate braking and cornering techniques) also makes it safer on the roads for cyclists and other soft, squishy road users.

IAM Press release:
With fuel prices at an all-time high and the effect of transport use on the environment under constant scrutiny, companies are looking for ways in which to reduce their fleet fuel bills, as well as their carbon footprint.

In response, two of the leading UK fleet driver training companies, IAM Fleet and Drive & Survive – the IAM Fleet Group, have developed ecolution – a driver training module which can improve fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent and lead to significant vehicle emission reductions.

The IAM Fleet Group would like to give you the opportunity to gain a first-hand understanding of the benefits ecolution can provide and invite you to join the IAM Fleet Group team to hear more about this new product and take the 45 minute ecolution course yourself.