Ads & video production is full of news stories using text and pix but it also features ‘embedded videos’ placed on YouTube (lo-res) and Vimeo (hi-res). also sends video content to iTunes. These ‘video podcasts’ can be watched on PCs, Macs, TVs and, of course, iPods.

Online video draws audiences, keeps them engaged, and generates viral, pass-along behaviour in ways that text content can only dream about!

Online video goes viral because it can be posted in profile pages on social networking sites, links can be emailed to friends, and users blog about it.When was the last time one of your print ads was photocopied and snailmailed to hundreds of people?

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 57 percent of Internet users watch video online, and among ‘young adults’ aged 18-29 – a key audience for bike marketeers – that number jumps to 74 percent. You need an online video strategy to stay competitive. can be one part of that strategy.

Right now, specialises in short, single-subject video clips but future programming includes bike tour video series and 30 minute programmes, perfect for downloading via iTunes to iPods and TV media devices hooked up to HD TVs, such as Apple TV.

BIGGER THAN CONSUMER MAGS has produced lots of bicycle-themed content to date. The videos are popular, waaaaaaay bigger than bike magazines. The YouTube videos from have had 724,436 total views to date. A Tour de France video has had 113,000+ views. A video of an MTB trials event produced for Raceface and Silverfish has had 48,000+ views. A Weldtite-sponsored instructional video on how to wash and lube a bike has had 47,000+ views.

Users of online video are active, opt-in viewers. Ads in consumers mags can be flicked past unnoticed.

ON DEMAND VIDEOS’s video content isn’t just sent to YouTube (which requires sitting at the Mac or PC with an open connection to the internet), it’s also sent to iTunes as video podcasts and LibSyn for direct download as .M4V files. Video podcasts can be watched wherever and whenever on iPods and other media players. The video podcasts have been downloaded tens of thousands of times to iPods and computers around the world.

Video from is delivered to a big, but niche, audience. You can reach this audience with your brand message. Embed ads in our content. This can be static text and logos or your own video ads. Or commission to produce bespoke video content.

10-second channel pre-roll starts ie ‘This programme brought to you by Your Brand’ plus fade-in logos
15-second video/graphic ad hard-embedded as a lower-third semi-transparent overlay
Banner ads – 150 x 150 px – on
All spots package

We’re now booking sponsorship and advertising packages for the consumer-controlled videos.

Each video programme is priced differently to reflect the differing mix of ads in each video. Longer videos can have two ad breaks, very short ones don’t have time for any (except a pre-roll start).

But, as an example, a sponsored video sent to YouTube, Vimeo, LibSyn and iTunes which included a 10-second channel start, a channel end and a 10-second ad in the middle of the content, would cost £250. All video advertisers get complimentary banner ads on Provide these yourself or we can generate animated Flash adverts linking to one URL. There are special deals for advertisers booking space in more than one video.

People are now actively filling their media players, iPods, and computers with consumer-controlled videos. Just as with Sky+ and TiVo, people now want to watch their video content at the times that suit them.

Owners of Apple TV – a video watching device that doesn’t require a computer to operate – hook it up to widescreen TVs and watch video content sent via iTunes.

Consumer-controlled video is the future of TV, just witness BBC’s iPlayer, Channel 4’s 4-On Demand and, of course, the popularity of video podcasts on iTunes. does not provide streaming as-live video as this tethers users to their computers. content is all available in the on-demand, downloadable format for viewing offline. Subscribers join via iTunes. videos can be watched on widescreen TVs via Apple TV, on computers, or on iPods and other media players. This means users can watch videos when and where they want to. On the train, on a long flight, even on the loo.


Download the PDF ratecard here.

Here’s an online view of the PDF ratecard, hit the rotate symbol. The ‘real’ PDF is available as a download at the base of this page. Bear in mind all of the viewing stats are out of date because online viewing of our vids is increasing in real time. The YouTube total in mid-June 2008 was at 724,436 views, rising at about 1500 a day: ratecard – Get more documents

View it online or download it directly…

Read this document on Scribd: BikeToWorkBook Ratecard