Lance Armstrong: My part in his downfall

That’s clearly the book Greg Lemond would like to write.

It’s now all over the web that there were fireworks in this morning’s Lance Armstrong press conference.

Greg Lemond gave Armstrong a grilling. And, unwittingly, I helped him on his way.


I got to the press conference early and bagged prime position, right at the front centre. However, Lance was running late and I had an Interbike TV show to run off and host. I got up to go to the back of the room. Guess who jumped into my seat? Yep, Mr. Lemond.


Lemond didn’t gatecrash the press conference, he had asked Lance’s agent if he could attend (Lemond is now a journalist?). Lance let him and was ready when Lemond asked the first – and most incendiary – question of the conference.


This pic shows the media scrum and Lemond sitting in my recently vacated chair. Can you spot David ‘Fredcast‘ Bernstein live-blogging the events as they unfolded? Recognise any others? How about Ed Pavelka of

Auto-updating Interbike scheduling for PCs, Macs, iPhones and other cellphones

If you’re going to Interbike, or if you’re going to watching the streaming TV content, you might want to subscribe to this here calendar. It’s a list of bike trade dates and has now been updated with Interbike timings, including Interbike TV shows (I’m hosting one of them…), CrossVegas, the US Crits, the Tour of Lake Mead and the two social media seminars.

The Google Calendar can be accessed here.

This is the calendar ID: and here’s the .ics and XML formats.

25-minute Interbike show now available

Here’s a a three-minute taster of the full 25-minute TV programme, broadcast all over the Interbike show floor by

Host: Carlton Reid.

Guests: David Bernstein of The Fredcast, Uwe Weissflog, Interbike’s European PR officer; John Denson of Serfas and Allen Richburg MD.

Topics: The growing popularity of urban cycling in the US and the UK. The prototype Serfas electronic saddle testing units for bike shops. The winners of the Shimano/You Tube competition.

The full show is only available via the podcast site on iTunes or as a direct .M4V download from

A medley of Interbike pix

Kudos to Tim Grahl, Guitar Ted, Fritz at and Byron and his Bike Huggers for their Interbike photosets.

I don’t use Flikr. I send my pix via Mac’s iPhoto to Google’s Picasa. Here’s a bunch of my Interbike shots.

The shots include pix of Interbike’s Rich Kelly and the Boston Globe’s Ross Kerber. When he wasn’t spending time in the Media Center researching a breaking mutual funds story, Ross was out riding or researching bikes. He wrote two stories for his paper, here and here.

Ross may specialise in mutual funds but he did his internship at Bicycling magazine, hence his interest in Interbike. He sold the trip to his editor on the technology angle. Riding can be research.

There were also at least three belt driven bikes at the show. There was the Spot one, of course, but there was also an alu Strida, which has been using a Gates (rubber) belt for 20+ years. And Delta Corp. had some city bikes with Gates belt drives, and not just on the iXi.

On the Tour of Lake Mead, Interbike director Lance Camisasca handed out water to thankful riders.

Two fast riders on the Tour of Lake Mead were David Bernstein (left) of the Fredcast and Tim ‘New York Times/Boston Globe’ Jackson of Masi. They dropped me after this shot was taken. My excuse? I had to take pix and video so couldn’t put the hammer down. Yeh, that’ll do.