Next Spokesmen chat due out later today

We’ve just recorded another Spokesmen roundtable podcast. The Skype connection was crystal clear. It’ll be pumped out to iTunes and other podcatching software soon. Check on The Fredcast’s twitter updates for the actual second of publication.

Donna Tocci, David Bernstein and lil ‘ol me talked about van Impe, Landis, locks, Slipstream’s inclusion in the Tour de France, David Cameron’s freewheeling faux pas and other such stuff.

Fix a flat with a phone

The puncture repair video short can be found on the YouTube bicycle maintenance group, or by clicking the arrow below.

But some of the Weldtite-sponsored videos will be converted into 3GP ‘phonecast’ format for downloading to mobile phones and PDAs. Click here for the page that contains the fixing a flat video. Then click on ‘direct download’ to grab the file. Hook up your cellphone to your PC or Mac and sync in the usual way.