Bike music (and not just by Queen)

Back in 2006 I ran this ‘name that bike tune’ comp:

The prize has long since been awarded but, today, David Bernstein of the Fredcast, twittered about the lack of good bicycle music, compared to tunes about cars and driving. I replied with the YouTube video above. The comp was pre- so there’s no URL for the answers.

Which is why I’m listing them here:

1 Queen, I want to ride my bicycle
2 Katie Melua, Nine Million Bicycles
3 Jerry Mungo, Pushbike Song
4 Attila Horvath, Singletrack Seduction
5 Dipsomaniacs, Get off my bike
6 Ballboy, Olympic cyclist
7 Kraftwerk, Aero Dynamik
8 Darryl Purpose, Traveler’s Code
9 Amy Correia, The Bike
10 Benoit Charest, Tour de France (from Triplets of Belleville/Belleville Rendezvous)
11 Moonlight Drive, Cycling through France
12 Ugly Kid Joe, Bicycle Wheels
13 Pink Floyd, Bike
14 Mixtures, Pushbike song
15 Bob Gaddy and his Alleycats, Bicycle Boogie

Kill the Twitter re-postings?

You decide, should I kill auto-postings like these?

It’s a daily collection of my witterings on I post a lot of updates on Twitter. In webspeak, prolly too many. You don’t really want to know what I had for lunch (cheese sandwich with ale flavoured ploughman’s pickle, since you asked) but perhaps storing the postings is a good archive for the useful URLs I’m in a habit of posting?

It’s tough to go back too far in time on Twitter and I’m afraid all the postings about my past lunches will be lost. Sorry, meant to say ‘Useful URLs.’

If you think I should cease and desist, tell me. Below, or as a message on

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-06

  • @garyboulanger Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of Looney Tunes. #
  • 58 percent of bicycling Americans don’t wear helmets, claims Consumer Reports. #
  • 100 percent of US cyclists killed in 2007 were riding bikes. Could have been another stupid stat from Consumer Reports. #
  • @DonnaTocci Brewing. #
  • @donnaTocci Tig-welding and other forms of bicycle manufacture. #
  • Two swallows don’t make a summer but last night and this morning I’ve seen more commuter cyclists than usual. And it’s icy and very cold. #
  • @KarlOnSea It’s a good piece in the WSJ. One teensy weensy mention of bikes would have been icing on the cake. #
  • Mac and PC users: share screens with new Skype: #
  • @John_the_Monkey Yes, very slippy. My 3 kids managed to stay upright. Funnily enough, theirs were the only bikes in the school bike rack. #
  • Gonna get a track bike. Not for street posing (you should see the hill from our house) but for, you know, track riding. Need it for Saturday #
  • Fred Whitton ride entries open online. But closed almost straight away. Such a ‘hot’ event. 112 miles over every col in the Lakes. Hard! #
  • @Wossy Funny, he normally always answers his phone, especially when driving. #
  • I like WSJ’s ‘cash guzzler’ term. Used it on this Social Media Release: #
  • RT @FerroGate: 7 Cases to Show You How Digital Publishing Does Not Compete With Print #
  • @BlogCoach And you can get derailed easily… #
  • @BlogCoach Which reminds me, must go write a posting. Thanks for the platform prod. #
  • I have just landed a commission to do a major article on Twitter for a mainstream pan-European biz mag. #
  • Why the bike trade is so great to work in (and why I love getting free bikes and bits): Bike industry types: agree? #
  • Added Portland commute stat to Social Media Release: #
  • Tweaked the ‘Bicycle Commuter Act’ press release: I see that the American way is word caps for headlines. #
  • Got me some Buddy Flap mudflaps, thanks to @bikehugger Cheers, Byron. PS Where are is the instruction pamphlet? #
  • Off to get the Reidlets. My second short ride of the day. Steep grassy hill should get me slightly warm. #
  • RT @darrenwaters: @Wossy is the great un-masker of Twitter fraud! [Like @lancearmtrong in the bike world]. #
  • Trey that again…. RT @darrenwaters: @Wossy is the great un-masker of Twitter fraud! [Like @lancearmstrong in the bike world]. #
  • @Interbike @maddogmedia Free bikes? Did I say bikes? I meant free socks. #
  • Reidlets ride home in sub-zero temp [pix]: Our cottage is behind the trees. #
  • @maddogmedia I have a joke, too. ‘No, socks, please, we’re British.’ Might not translate very well. #
  • @jfellrath Josh is ‘teaching’ Ellie how to do martial arts. They watched Kung Fu Panda the other day and now Josh is the master. #
  • Pix on @animoto animations can now be slowed down or speeded up. This is better news than the iPhone app. #
  • @maddogmedia 1970s stage comedy ‘No sex please, we’re British’. #
  • I’m very very sorry in advance on this one. But I just got offered a three day ski trip. See, not just bikes. Hate me, go on. #
  • @KarlOnSea Chamonix. Lux chalet. Sorry. #
  • @maddogmedia Since your views on Las Vegas are well known, I’m guessing you mean Hell. But they are interchangeable, right? #
  • Free bikes not so good, actually, says former journo: #
  • @FredCast Yes. What size socks do you take? #
  • Ordered iLife 09. Some of the iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband features look stunning. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-05

  • @martinlittle you can buy a similar one but this has different text and is industry only. #
  • Today is ‘most stressful day of year’: cold, credit crunch, end of festivities. Scream, urges head doc. Press Assn wire: #
  • Wedgewod pottery firm to close if buyer not found. Principal shareholder = Alan Finden-Crofts, owner of Raleigh. #
  • @teamtraveller @DarbyRides Finden-Crofts has owned the biz since 88. Other funding partners brought in recently. FC is a decent guy. #
  • @teamtraveller @DarbyRides However, FC’s execs haven’t always been decent. I ran stories about US CEO of Derby who crippled Stumey Archer #
  • US writer (non-bikie) says Bike to Work Book is ‘Fantastic book from start to finish.’ Thanks, ‘SiaSia’. #
  • @bikechik Another one to make you happy: I’m loading a PDF to Issuu with the new back cover. #
  • @niltiac Diversify! From #
  • Momentum Magazine’s Bike to Work Book has new back cover and a ‘short-distance…ordinary clothes’ tweak. #
  • @niltiac General Carlton Reid. I like the sound of that. #
  • RT @davewiner: Ann Richards: “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels.” #
  • @arsbars Thanks. And I love Momentum Magazine. I wish they placed all their mags on @issuu The one I embedded was maybe done by a reader. #
  • Motorbikes now allowed in London bus lanes. Plus pix of panto dames on bikes, great PR by LCC. #
  • @DonnaTocci Happy New Year, Donna. Are social media managers allowed to digitally switch off?! #
  • RT @baileyworks: San Francisco considering congestion pricing – [Don’t be like Manchester & Edinburgh, no vote!] #
  • “Given the challenging economic times, we would hate to impose too heavy a burden on commuters,” SF spokesman. Congestion is a burden! #
  • RT: @darmerk Washing machine hack sends tweet when load is done [YouTube video] #
  • @John_the_Monkey Democracy is good. But not when it comes to congestion charging. Frogs stay in water that is put on the boil. #
  • Noon sustanance: big slice of my mum’s Christmas cake, sans icing. Marzipan, I love. My mum makes two cakes, one with just marzipan for me! #
  • RT @niltiac: RT @MrTweet Blog Posting: Addressing the Privacy Concerns Of Our Users – #
  • Sending 375 digipix of kids cycling to publisher of my family cycling book. c. 300 of the shots are of the Reidlets! #
  • @worldwidecycles Very cool. I wish more English, Welsh, Scottish and NI dealers were as forward thinking as your good self. #
  • This is the kids cycling book. It’s from Snow Books. Cover pix will change. #
  • I didn’t know @snowbooks was on Twitter. Duly followed. #
  • @KarlOnSea If only we still had the full length and height of Hadrian’s. #
  • My co-workers have really been annoying me today, first full day back. Well, they would if I had any. #
  • At dentists. Lovely. #
  • @petergold99 I used to employ people. Years ago. We still keep in touch. But I’m glad it’s now just me. I can get more creative work done. #
  • @jfellrath I was wondering where the voices were coming from. #
  • Under-utilized advertising spaces of today: dental surgery ceilings. Posters or flatscreen TVs would be good. #
  • @jfellrath @cyclelicious @maddogmedia Anything to take mind off the poking and prodding. #
  • @worldwidecycles @bikegoo Thanks. I’ll take it as read that the best bits had my name on. Although @marksuttonbike may take me to task… #
  • I’ve had a DM from somebody who frequents a dental surgery with flat-screen TVs on ceiling. And earphones to drown out chat. In Utah. #
  • BikeBiz Jan edition in @issuu flippy-flippy mode. #
  • Double page spread feature in BikeBiz on Momentum magazine ‘for self-propelled people’. #
  • @buzban It’s a hacked account! @cycleicious #
  • @buzban The Britney one is Not Safe For Work on Techcrunch UK but the offending orifice has been blanked on US @techcrunch #
  • @DonnaTocci It was only a matter of time, Donna. You need an iPhone to be the Social Media Queen. Hive, indeed. @fredcast @timjackson #
  • @DonnaTocci The switch from Blackberry to iPhone is enough to elevate you to royalty. #
  • Just added @teamastana and @Velo_Orange to the bike tweeters list at http://tinyurl/biketweeters #
  • RT @mtb_cycle_uk: @carltonreid you have the wrong dentist. Mine has had tv on the celing for ages. #
  • @KarlOnSea Good graphic and good posting, Karl. I added my thoughts. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-04

  • Watch out for this phishing attack on Twitter users – steals your account: (via @mbites) #
  • What White People Like and create t-shirt featuring bike, Apple, Ikea, recycling, icthus etc. #
  • Going crazy, downloading accounts files for tax purposes. I hate book keeping part of running a business. #
  • Pies out of the freezer. Defrosting. That’s the last of ’em. #
  • I’m more easily distracted when I’m doing book-keeping than at any other time. Sorry to any accountants reading but I’d hate your job. #
  • @canmoremd No, not jailbroken. Do you use Truphone? Good app for overseas roaming. #
  • @canmoremd Yes. Needed wifi at the time, but doesn’t now, although I can’t trial new version until I next hit the States. #
  • Mark and @chipps at Singletrack mag kindly sent me an industry-only hip-flask. Trialling it now, with tiny tot of body-heated Glenfiddich. #
  • @londoncyclenews Here’s a pic of the hip-flask. #
  • @Chipps wow, they raced at the NE CX champs on the Saturday. Did you have podium places for u12 boys and girls? #
  • @ZappoMan No but I use spanning sync for the bike dates thing @fredcast prefers BusySync. #
  • @guykawasaki Bicycling is excellent for steady sustained weight loss. And longevity in general. #
  • Sipping thigh-heated Glenfiddich. #
  • Pies RIP. #
  • How is Casablanca on Apple TV available in HD when it’s a 1940s movie? #
  • @johnleonardo re HD. Makes sense. And The Simpsons, too? #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-03

  • Fixed sync problem on Bicycle Dates 2009. It was a re-naming snafu. Google cal and iCal now back together. #
  • @TimJackson @FredCast And the sky is where all our data is…so be careful out there. #
  • Back from NE England CX championships. No idea where Hanna came. Only boys got results & medals in the U12s. Great way to discourage girls! #
  • Welsh bike shop owner, mechanic to British Cycling, gets big Olympic-fuelled plug on, including URL mention. #
  • Welcome to Anthony, creator of the Plastic Peleton mag photo strip. @Plastic_Peloton . He’s now on #
  • Check out Anthony’s avatar, Rock Racing on Lego person. @Plastic_Peloton The strip is part of Procyling magazine. #
  • Updated the Cycle to Work discount bike-buying scheme info on Americans: read it and weep. #
  • New dates added to iCal/Google calendar, inc BikeRadar Live, York Cycle Show, Ironman 70.3 and other UK events #
  • What day is it? Computer tells me it’s Saturday but I’m not wholly convinced. Life goes back to normal on Monday. #
  • @buzban I might rant about it online soon. I’m not a pushy parent (that’s Jude’s job) but this got my goat. I told organiser so. Politely. #
  • @Sportstest Technically, it was a NECCA event, not BC. North East CX Assn. #
  • Over Xmas, Bike to Work Book has been getting 50 reads a day. On 3rd Jan it jumped to 435 reads. Now has had 14,267. #
  • If you’re an Issuu member, I’d really appreciate more comments and star ratings on the Bike to Work Book. TIA. #
  • @bikelady Yep! The US Bicycle Commuter Act $20/month is rather poor is comparison. Some UK cyclists are saving many £000s #
  • @bikehugger iBike is the one @fredcast reviewed way back when, I think. Have you tried latest version, David? #
  • @rorymasini I’m currentlky wading through the UCI’s MTB schedule. Boy, do those MTBers travel the globe! #
  • @rorymasini Our Tour Down Under dates differ. #
  • @cyclelicious Per day? I wish! 14k in total for the main sampler, but some of others have had 1000+ views each…so LOTS of readers. #
  • @fredcast Added Bike MS Bay to Bay Tour, Carlsbad CA, Oct 10-11 to How about your Alps tour? #
  • @FredCast I’m looking at your page right now and am salivating. #
  • Added Eroica, a Granfondo, the Etape and a load of other road events to iCal/Google calendar #
  • @joeyTWOwheels Try the Bible! Only half kidding… #
  • @joeyTWOwheels Actually, Gaza is very little mentioned in the Old or New Testaments. It’s a tiny strip of desert nobody really wants. #
  • @joeyTWOwheels Egypt doesn’t want it. Israel doesn’t want it. Palestinians would rather be in West Bank minimum, all of Israel preferably! #
  • @joeyTWOwheels Hamas fires few rockets. Israel reacts as if world is ending. Prez Bush throws fuel on fire. World is horrified but does zip #
  • @joeyTWOwheels Some background: I flew into Israel during 1st Gulf War. Cycled around during Scud scares. Best time to see sites. #
  • @Plastic_Peloton Now. I didn’t today and was later than planned for a race. Hit mechanical prob that could have been sorted night before. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-02

  • Disqus forum platform now has iPhone interface. PS Sorry to those commenters I’ve only just okayed #
  • Adding to the bike dates ical/Google calendar thingy, the iCal file now called ‘Bike dates 2009’. #
  • Gallup poll via Marketwatch: gas prices plunge but 52pc of Americans say they won’t go back to gas-guzzling ways. #
  • @Jerry_Griffies re #jpg_magazine Huge shame, if so.. JPG magazine gets HUGE views on @issuu Course, it’s free on there. That the reason? #
  • @timgrahl Depends on the product. Books and mags make very little money from cover sales so ditching the cover sales ain’t no bad thing. #
  • Added @vannschaffner and @BottleSport to BikeBiz list of Tweeters at #
  • @KristianHansen That bailout chart – – is good. Here’s the FAQ on the 1st Jan Bike Commuter Tax: #
  • Added Bike to Work Day and Bike to Work Week (US) to iCal/Google calendar: Subscribe for dates on PC/Mac/iPhone #
  • Rock solid prediction (despite < gas prices): Bike commuting in US & UK will rise in 09 and keep rising. Fuel: #
  • @KarlOnSea Does tri club provide free 3rd party insurance and old men in plus fours? #
  • @TimJackson You mean you *Kinetic* Koffee… #
  • RT @maddogmedia: Mother Jones’ Prius alternative: “Ride a bike. You’ll save a bundle” #
  • @TimJackson I ran out of my roast yesterday. Resorted to instant, and used a lot of imagination. Jude has now gone to buy me more beans. #
  • @TimJackson Paramedics. Fast. Caffeine drip. Hurry. Slipping away. When should be sipping away. #
  • Are people *working* today? My kids still off school so I’m snatching moments online but am not back officially until Monday. #
  • @TimJackson I hear them. Not angels, sirens. And they’re singing ‘Masi. Buy Masi. Masi. Buy Masi.’ #
  • @TimJackson These are online maven Masi sirens. They accept PayPal. #
  • @FredCast Working for work or working on podcasts? Do you differentiate mentally and financially? Every project blurs into one for me. #
  • @KarlOnSea Yeh! “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Douglas Adams would have been major Twitter fan. #
  • @timgrahl Here’s another tip. Use a restroom in another building, preferably another city. Then ride to the restroom, burning lots of fat. #
  • @maddogmedia Watch what you say, employers have ears! #
  • RT @EuroPelotonBlog: @carltonreid please add me to your bike trade Twitter list. Thanks. [Done]. #
  • @guykawasaki re YouTube book. Shame it mostly covers well-trod ground, and doesn’t focus on the viral aspect, as per title. #
  • Cadel Evans: Oi, motorists, show cyclists some respect: #
  • The Caffeine Cavalry has arrived. Jude haz beans. #
  • Took 15 mins to prep me and bike for cold night-time bike trip to deliver birthday card to friend, 6ml trip. Much easier in car. But no fun. #
  • Tomorrow is NE England CX championships. Two Reidlets entering. Under 12s are free and every entrant gets a prize. My kind of race. #
  • @xtracycle 2008 was the breakthrough year for cargobikes in the mainstream media. 09 gonna be bigger? [hint: I think it will be].] #
  • When I say NE England I haven’t missed off a ‘W’. It’s North East England, near Scotland. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-01-01

  • Happy New Year from UK in 2009. I hope you have a prosperous year. #
  • New year resolutions. Josh, more cycling. Hanna, no nail biting. Ellie, sort my teddies. I’m with Josh. #
  • I’ve not been on a bike since last year. I’ve missed it. #
  • @DarbyRides Childish, really. In fact, I shall soon be using it on the kids. “I’ve not eaten meat all year.” Their version will use ‘wee’. #
  • @strbuk Good/bad/empty/relieved feeling? #
  • Had New Year’s lunch at my parents, with the Reidlets. They played mini-snooker, I updated the Google bike dates calendar. #
  • Bike dates 2009. Click here – – to get Google calendar bike dates & Mac iCal & ics & XML. #
  • Want to sync between Mac iCal and Google calendar – without fuss of CalDav – buy Spanning Sync. Here’s $5 discount code #
  • I love Spanning Sync. I did all the Bike Dates 2009 typing at my parents and when I got back home my iCal calendar already had all the dates #
  • Following @darkavich cos @fredcast said he talks about food lots. I’ve not mentioned pies since last year. Note2self: stop using that gag. #
  • @brandongomez Thanks. @AmgenTourofCali now added to #
  • Added @teamouch (ie Team Ouch) and @PrecisionBikes , a Californian bike shop, to #
  • Great new comment on Automobile = Chariot of Ire. Bike countries more civilized. #
  • NYT piece – – is informed and asks right people but is it any surprise that bike to work surge would slack off in winter? #
  • RT @taylorphinney: My mom and dad are on twitter! Check them out @bikecamp #
  • @teamouch is following @floydlandis but Floyd ain’t followin’ Ouch (or @lancearmstrong ). Real Floyd? @dbrower @strbuk #
  • Added @hincapiesports to BikeBiz tweeters list at Also added @floydlandis (provisionally). #
  • @cyclelicious NYTmust have read your criticism of their sub’s holiday schedule… #
  • @cyclingnews not saying much. Like, er, nothing. But, soon, lots of fresh stuff? #
  • Want to break out of a Twitter ghetto? Eclectic list via #Happy09 (Like ghettoes? @WarrenWhitlock features #
  • @cyclelicious And what about non-bikies? You have another twitter circle or two? Like techies? #
  • I’m banker. Kids playing Monopoly. The real world version, not iPhone. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-31

  • Arise…Sir Chris Hoy. #
  • @probikewrench No huge surprise, I guess. Still, been itching to release the info. Unlike @techcrunch I don’t break embargoes. #
  • Talking about star trackies, the club I coach for has booked Manchester Velodrome for Jan. 1st time on track for Hanna and Josh. Can’t wait #
  • @dbrower Sad to see it go…but what an amazing site you created and to which was attracted so many expert comments. #
  • Sidewalk/footpath parking pix now given US-friendly titles. Sorry for the ‘pavement’ confusion. #
  • @barbchamberlain @vannschaffner Thanks for the thought. Here’s the book in page-flip mode: It’s had 14k reads on @issuu #
  • This time each year I’m normally using search terms in PDF doc to find cyclists in honours list so I can do a BikeBiz story. Ha! #
  • @bikechik Yes. Except for Sir Jimmy Saville, a TV/radio presenter who started his broadcasting career in 1950s as rider in Tour of Britain. #
  • @bikechik He was also world’s first DJ cos used two turntables and a mike. #
  • Kids were wildly entertained by iFart on the iPhone. They’re off out with grandparents now. Time for some uninterupted work. #
  • “Adding some cyclists to follow for inspiration,” said @baus as he followed me. And his first inspiring message from me? Mention of iFart. #
  • ‘So long, and thanks for all the fish’. A valedictory posting on the closure of Trust But Verify, the Landis science blog: #
  • @strbuk Too early? 12 days of Christmas and all that. #
  • @mootsman I wish him well, but he’s for ever tainted…with testosterone, whether slapped on or not. #
  • I’m at The Angel of the North Statue (Low Eighton, Gateshead, Gateshead, UK) – #
  • Last ride of 2009. Very cold. #
  • @used_hq I have three exuses. 1. D’oh. 2. It was perishing. 3. I was typing through an opaque part of the Aquapac iPhone protector. #
  • @zyOzyfounder I wasn’t planning on going to see the Angel, it’s off my normal hill route but it was calling out to me. #
  • @girlmeetsbike You tried Things? #
  • Not many of my real world friends on here. Now there is. Hi @charlesross #
  • @girlmeetsbike #
  • @girlmeetsbike It’s the one I put stuff on, but never look at. I’m sure it works wonderfully, if you’re an organised sort. #
  • Vimeo video of LED-smothered art cyclist from last year’s New Year celebrations in Newcastle: #
  • @KarlOnSea When do you get changed into your costume? Ba-boom. #
  • Oregon Business mag gives bike commuters cover treatment: #
  • Here’s the full URL: It’s a great article, and features @bikeportland #
  • No party tonight. Sob. Wife at work til late (she’s a doc) but the Reidlets want to see in the New Year so we’re having a quiet night in. #
  • @canmoremd Tried Tweetie? It’s my fave. #
  • Added twittering tools link and @sportstest and @roadcycling of New Zealand to BikeBiz twitterati #
  • BikeBiz condenses and flags the Oregonian Business piece: #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-30

  • @BikePortland Agreed. But how hard is it to procure a few pots of paint? That’s the bike infrastructure goal of most local authorities. #
  • New Year’s resolution: get out and cycle more. Road bike. Commuter bike. Mountain bike. Tandem. Unicycle. #
  • Social Media primer for bike shops by @matthewscd #
  • @craigmcginty True. Apart from the Specialized club at the back! #
  • @matthewscd and his social media guide now on the BikeBiz tweeters list: #
  • The 45-page social media guide by @matthewscd will get its own BikeBiz story soon. #
  • Got an iPhone? Take pix? Animate a 30-sec slide show to music: I happily pay for the brill desktop app. @animoto #
  • @petergold99 No, probs with Dell, too. Go check out @alastairmck #
  • @petergold99 @andyheadworth @alastairmck [smug] Get a Mac , problem solved! [/smug] Touch paper lit, runs away…. #
  • Social media primer for bike shops and other SMEs on #
  • @niltiac Talk is good, obviously. But think what you’d like your government to do if your town was regularly hit by missiles. #
  • New game: solve the age-old crisis in the Middle East in 140 characters or less. #
  • @niltiac The Israelis know this. Every Israeli rocket strike will create more Hamas supporters. It’s an unwinnable spiral. #
  • @niltiac It’s hyper-regional politics coloured by deadly mix of religion and nationalism. Both sides are wrong, both sides are right. #
  • @niltiac Suffering in Gaza could have been stopped 50 years ago. Arab League prevented this. Gaza has long been an artificial hostage. #
  • @niltiac I’ve lived and worked in Israel and other ME countries. We, in the West, see ME in weird Biblical prism, skewing our senses. #
  • @dcouch Most powerful being Israel? For sure, jaw, jaw always better than war, war. But US and UK went to war in ME over far less. #
  • @niltiac Nothing can justify killing. If only both sides agreed. #
  • @niltiac Lots of wars elsewhere go largely unreported yet even minor stuff in Israel gets worldwide media coverage. Bible Goggles distort. #
  • @niltiac I didn’t say current situation was minor. As a whole, Israel is over-reported, and all because of the Bible Goggles. #
  • Anti-Israel story from Iranian news agency. I didn’t know Iran had a Jewish MP. #
  • Anybody care to bet against Chris Hoy becoming the Knight Rider Sir Chris Hoy in New Year’s Honours List? #
  • Forced kids out into cold to (a) fly Josh’s RC chopper (now RIP) and (b) cycle to library to return book. Very cold out there. Like, very. #
  • @jreesnc Good cause, but it’s, not One is Barack’s, t’other isn’t. Still go vote, mind, only 600 needed by Dec 31! #
  • RT @MarketingProfs What price consumerism? by @timjackson #
  • @matthewscd No worries. You’re also now the latest addition to the BikeBiz tweeters list at #
  • @jreesnc I guess many people will think it’s official and linked to Barack. It’s certainly designed to look official. #
  • @bomboloni Consider it done! #
  • Thanks to @bomboloni I’ve added @nycvelo to BikeBiz Tweeters list at Any bike shops missing? #
  • Writing embargoed news story about those to be beknighted in New Year’s Honours List. Humming this tune #
  • Top 10 green transportation trends of 2008, from What, no ? #
  • It might have been cold, but once we were out, it was OK to ride to the library. Reidlet pix: 1st pix for kid bike book #
  • Allowed my cellphone-driver-passing-a-cyclist pic to be used on ‘Knob heads of the road’ group. Could be a BIG group! #
  • RT @danzarrella: I love shorty nominations: (I also love retweets) #
  • Pix of illegal parking from one short walk near my home. Such parking is now considered normal. #
  • @blackbottoms is now on #
  • @bikelady No 1. Turn off Twitter! #
  • @ellyblue I have so many of those titles! I have been indoctrinating my kids with the pro-bike message since birth. #
  • Oops. Pavement parking in UK is different to pavement parking in US. #
  • Three hours until embargo is lifted on New Year’s Honours list. Arise Sir… #
  • @SarcastiCyclist Hoy won three Olympic golds, Cav won none. Tour de France stage victories don’t win UK gongs. #
  • @FitMom Both. Olive oil is the fat. Chick peas and tahini is the protein. #
  • @ellyblue I have a few different ones, collected as child propaganda over the years. Will send titles when I find ’em. #
  • I feel a Knight Rider subhead is on its way… #

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