Hope you have a bike-filled 2009!

Happy New Year. 2009 will be a corker, I can feel it. And here’s how bike-filled it’s going to be. I’ve placed a bunch of bikey dates into an online calendar, which you can subscribe to. Once you’ve added it to your iCal calendar or Google Calendar, all new dates and date changes are handled automagically. Pushed to our iPhone via the cloud, that sort of thing.

There’s a Google calendar button on the left. If you’re not already a Google member pressing this button will prompt you to become one.

Flick through the months on the calendar below and you’ll see 2009’s trade and consumer shows, major events – such as the Tour de France – and lots of other notable stuff. It’s by no means a complete list of every bike-specific date, there are many regional Google/iCal calendars which can fill in the gaps for you.

However, if you feel there are some international, or important national, bike events that ought to go on this calendar, please email the missing events, and their dates and URLs. Thanks.

Here are some other ways to get the data…


Google ics.

Plain old web view.

Mac iCal.