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1. Best (and Worst) Bicycle Saddles Ever
“I can’t get no satisfaction” sang Mick Jagger. That’s his bicycle saddle above. On his much-loved Condor. He’s had a lot of satisfaction from that saddle, and to my knowledge, no erectile dysfunction. But some docs would have you believe that cycling is an unhealthy a pastime as you’d care to name. It’s not.

2. Quotes about cycling
Poets, presidents, prime ministers and prime-time newscasters have said great things about cycling. Here’s a sprinkling of bicycle-related quotes…

3. Lock it or lose it
“Or lock it and still lose it? I bought a bunch of expensive locks and watched two burly ‘bike thieves’ smash into them within seconds. But it’s possible to make life difficult for professional thieves: there are locking techniques that will make your precious harder to half-inch.”

4. The celebs who cycle
Forget stretch-limos, a growing list of film stars, rock legends and leaders-of-the-free-world take to two-wheels for speedy, paparazzi-free transport and, of course, to keep their figures in trim.

5. Learning to ride a bike
Tips and techniques for bicycle beginners

6. How often should you replace your bicycle helmet?
1. After a crash. 2. At least every two years. 3. When salt has frazzled the straps. 4. When your helmet stinks so much it goes riding without you. 5. Before the fashion police arrive. 6. After too many suncreen smears

7. Let’s coin a new bike-promoting word meaning ‘cheaper, but superior’
Cycling to work is an alternative which is less expensive – a growing motivation for many – but it’s also an alternative which is superior. Cheaper yet better: I don’t know of a single word that can describe that notion. Here’s a few suggestions…
The top videos on YouTube (1.2m+ total views to date) can be found here. And, soon to go over 6000 views on Vimeo, here’s the Bicycle Anatomy video featuring music made from parts of my bikes:

Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners from on Vimeo.