Even Dirt staff cycle to work

On choppers and stuff.

“Ever wondered how the lazy ass Dirt crew get to work every morning?” asks Mike Rose, editor of Dirt magazine.

“Well, wonder no more, this fly-on-wall video shows the daily commute of the staff on their way to the ‘9 to 5 grind’:

It’s filmed in a sloppy style by the DownAndOut crew.

Bicycology is part of Heathrow squat

The British cyclists’ collective Bicycology is promoting cycling at the Camp for Climate Action, which officially started today. The Heathrow squat ends on August 21st. It’s being closely monitored by the police, who will likely stamp on any runway invasions, citing anti-terrorism laws.

Bicycology is “an open but focussed community of cyclists run on a non-hierarchical basis through regular meetings that rotate around the country.”

It “uses creative methods to encourage environmental responsibility. Its aim is to promoting cycling as a healthy, practical and enjoyable alternative to high-carbon lifestyles, and to challenge the politics and economics that have led us down the road to environmental destruction and massive global injustice.”

The Camp for Climate Action is:

Eight days of low-impact living, debates, learning skills, and high-impact direct action tackling the root causes of climate change. Why?

The science is clear: global emissions of carbon dioxide must go into rapid decline within the next decade. If they don’t, humanity faces a bleak future.

To achieve this in a way that respects global justice means 90% cuts in developed countries like the UK. How will we cut emissions and end inequality? How will we achieve this in the face of an economic system intent on expanding at any cost, with corporations stealing the language of change to disguise business as usual? Ordinary people will have to join together to create real solutions and take direct action against the root causes of the problem.

This year the Camp for Climate Action will be at Heathrow, the world’s busiest airport and a bigger source of CO2 emissions than most countries. It’s sheer lunacy in this time of ecological crisis, but the aviation industry are pushing to almost double the airport’s capacity by increasing flights and building a third runway. The battle to stop them will be one of the most important environmental battles in Western Europe.

Eurosport to televise Women’s World Cup

With the current mess in men’s pro-cycling it will be a refreshing change to watch women’s cycling instead. Eurosport is to televise the final two hours of the next round the Women’s World Cup series.

Welsh wonderwoman Nicole Cooke, last year’s winner of the series, is in the lead of this year’s event, too. She races for the Raleigh Lifeforce squad. Here’s a quick view of her on the Muur of Geraardsbergen, leading the Women’s Tour of Flanders, 2007:

The next race in the World Cup series takes place on 1st September in northwest France, at the GP de Plouay. More details on Womenscycling.net.

QR.tv: a bit like Heinz

While Heinz, famously but not quite accurately, has 57 varieties of foodstuffs, Quickrelease.tv now has 57 videos in its YouTube library.

Go watch a few of them here. One of them has had 27,000+ views. All in, the videos have had a whopping 230,896 views on YouTube. Some have been sponsored videos, such as the Silverfish-supported videos on the Nissan Qashqai Challenge MTB event. These videos have had 13,397 and 16,526 views, an excellent payback for the UK Raceface importer.

And, talking about Heinz, viral videographer Nalts is the 1,965th entry in the Heinz ‘make us a cheap ad’ YouTube video contest. His video is way funnier than anybody else’s.

The Heinz Top This TV Challenge may have had 1,965 entries but, hey, it’s backed with a top-prize of $57,000 and is a paid-for contest on YouTube.

All you get in the Shimano/YouTube contest is a huge bag of bike bits schwag – but it’s had 120 entries. More are needed. Remember, the videos will be judged at Interbike Las Vegas by Tour de France commentators Phil Liggett and Bob Roll, see yesterday’s story.

Most of the Quickrelease.tv YouTube videos are available in hi-res versions on the Quickrelease.tv video podcast site on iTunes. And, there are some videos that are only placed on the podcast site so subscribe to make sure you get ’em all. It’s free, and the videos play on PCs, Macs, Apple TVs, iPhones and iPods. And some play on cellphones, too.

Liggett and Roll to judge Shimano/New Belgium YouTube video comp

The Quickrelease.tv bicycle short video competition will be judged at Interbike by Tour de France TV commentators Phil Liggett and Bob Roll.

The other judges are the illustrious members of The-Spokesmen podcast, including David Bernstein of the Fredcast, Tim ‘Masiguy’ Jackson, Donna Tocci of Kryptonite and Tim Grahl of the Crooked Cog Network.

Get your vids in quick, the deadline is August 30th.

The rules for the Shimano/YouTube/QR comp are here. 120 videos have been submitted to date.

Not all comply to the competition’s requests for the videos to be like “TV adverts extoling the virtues of bicycling to a mainstream audience. So, go light on the Lycra. No techie stuff. No Critical Mass protest vids. No art installations. Just great images of cycling that could make Joe and Joanna Public get out there and ride…for the sheer fun of cycling.”

Submit your own video via YouTube.

The competition winners get Shimano schwag, including top-end components. The competition is also sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Co. of the US, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale. A video of a New Belgium TV ad featuring cycling was used in the Shimano/YouTube competition video:

If you can get your bike film down to one minute then consider also submitting it to the Film Minute competition and the Friends of the Earth YouTube competition for video shorts.

Learn how to plan, shoot, edit and compress your film here.

Slovak prez bans MTBs

After the end of August it will be illegal to ride a bicycle on most trails in Slovakia, reports the International Mountain Bike Association.

The regulation will be implemented by an amendment of forestry law passed by Slovak Parliament in June, and signed by Slovak President Gasparovic in July. The measure has met with a strong disagreement among Slovak public and has been criticised by mountain biking advocacy organisations.

Slovak mountain bikers were caught by surprise when they learned that a widespread ban of mountain biking on forest trails has been proposed. Just few days after the information became public the Slovak parliament passed the legislation, albeit after heated discussions. Mountain bikers believed they would be able to Continue reading “Slovak prez bans MTBs”

10 things to do with your kids this summer

Summer holidays. Aaah, bliss. Bliss for kids, that is. For parents it can be a six-week nightmare of shuttling offspring to and from sports camps and baby sitters. For some kids the baby sitter is the family goggle box. When we were younger our summer holidays were spent outside, the real outside, with our friends. Today, for a variety of sad-but-not-quite-true reasons, that’s no longer the done thing.

However, the success of such books as The Dangerous Book for Boys shows there’s a desire to claw back some freedom for our little darlings.

We’ll never get back to the Enid Blyton idyll of children going off on long, multi-day trips without parental taxis but perhaps if the parental taxis were bikes instead of cars we could let out our kids experience at least a part of the unfettered childhood we so fondly remember?

Most of the ten ideas below will be parent-led but here’s a thought: encourage older kids to do some of them without you.

These ideas were written for the August-September issue of Cycle, the CTC magazine, and are all to do with what to do with kids in Britain. If you live outside the UK, the ideas need to be adapted for your neck of the woods.

According to market research company Mintel, 18 per cent of all UK families have been on a camping holiday in the past three years. Mintel’s definition of ‘camping holiday’ probably has more to do with Eurocamp-style prepared tents among manicured lawns rather than roughing it in farmer’s fields under a lightweight sliver of taut polyamide. Don’t knock it, the ‘luxury’ version could be an ideal starter for nylon newbies, especially kids.

Arrive without a car and you may find you pay less, especially as you can fit into a smaller plot.
Campsites with all mod-cons have lots of family-friendly facilities, such as laundries, swimming pools and other kids for yours to Continue reading “10 things to do with your kids this summer”

Shanaze Reade wins BMX Worlds

The BMX star stunned the track cycling world in March by joining up with Victoria Pendleton to win the Women’s 500m Team Sprint World Title. At the UCI BMX World Championships held in Canada over the weekend, Shanaze Reade won the senior women’s event by quite some margin. She was previously world champ at the junior level. She’s now the surefire favourite for BMX Olympic Gold next year.

This is her first year as a senior rider.

Here’s a video of Shanaze and Victoria Pendleton on the podium:

Elite Women
1. Shanaze READE (GBR)
2. Sarah WALKER (NZL)
4. Cyrielle CONVERT (FRA)
5. Willy KANIS (NED)
6. Amelie DESPEAUX (FRA)
7. Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON (FRA)
8. Laetitia LE CORGUILLE (FRA)

There’s a WMV video file of the final here. Go to Samedi, elite women.

Polka dot bra in Tour de France cheat shock

The ‘Men in black’ just can’t beat pro-cyclists willing to use any and all means to help them win.

Click this video for incriminating evidence of the yellow jersey getting grossly unfair hillside assistance:

Oh, and want to wallow in a 10-minute interview with Alexandre Vinokourov? Here he is after stage 13 of this year’s Tour:

And this Kazakhstan news anchor says the behaviour of a world-famous Kazakh citizen is “disgusting” and “unacceptable.”