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Admit it, you all called it wrong. If you’ve been reading the TBV transcripts from the Floyd Landis hearing, which finishes today, you’ll now know that Team Landis has proved LNDD was guilty of violations of International Lab Standards. Any fair-minded person can now see USADA cannot prove that the violations didn’t “cause” last year’s adverse analytical findings.

The verdict from the three arbitrators – aided by the ‘independent’ fourth panel member from the WADA-accredited Rome lab – will likely take some time to be delivered.

This need not stop you admitting your mistakes. Start by criticising LNDD and its shoddy lab work. Then divert your ire to Jacques De Ceaurriz, head of Le Laboratoire National de dépistage du dopage in Chatenay-Malabray. In early August last year, he said of the IRMS test for synthetic testosterone:

“It’s foolproof. This analysis tells the difference between endogenous and exogenous. No error is possible in isotopic readings.”

Science isn’t like that. Floyd Landis came from far, far behind to win last year’s Tour de France. He has done the equivalent in a suit this past two weeks, providing the smoking gun that a significant minority thought was out there.

Climb By Bike releases KMZ files for TdF

TdF = Tour de France.

KMZ = Native Google Earth files.

Those who registered on Climb By Bike have now been emailed the links to the KMZ files and can ‘fly’ through all of the 2007 Tour de France stages, including the kick-off prologue in London on July 7th.

Register now and you can get the files, too. So cool!

The Google Earth files are so detailed – and future-facing – you can even see Floyd Landis, smiling, and jumping up and down on the career of Dick Pound.

Best Tour de France footage ever filmed?

Here are some ‘rushes’ from the IMAX movie with the production name of Brainpower but which morphed into Wired to Win when it was released to IMAX cinemas last year.

The YouTube footage is just a couple of minutes, there’s nine minutes on the Quickrelease.tv podcast on iTunes.

The IMAX movie, as you’d expect, is larger than life and truly stunning. But it was distributed much later than first billed. Following the initial shooting in 2003 there had to be an extensive reshooting of scenes to accommodate the removal of Tyler Hamilton from the movie.

At the time Hamilton was embroiled in a drugs hearing, which he sadly later lost. Had he embarked on the same course of action as Floyd Landis – request for an open hearing, wiki-style posting of all hearing evidence on his website so experts could crawl all over it – the outcome may have been different. Well, perhaps not the outcome because Continue reading “Best Tour de France footage ever filmed?”

Retro Tour de France vid is a class act

Lots of YouTube cycle-related videos ‘borrow’ Kraftwerk’s pulsing music from the German band’s seminal Tour de France album. Most use TV images from recent Grand Boucles. The one below is different. It’s grainy, it’s black and white…it’s a classic.