DVD treat: The Flying Scotsman

The brilliant biopic about Graeme Obree may not have reached too many cinemas but it’s going to be a sure-fire DVD hit for cycle sport fans across the globe.

The Flying Scotsman movie is released on September 18th in the US but Brits have to wait until November 7th. Click on the wee link above to pre-order the DVD from Amazon.

The movie trailer below is from MGM Studios and features the US voiceover. To get the British version go to the Quickrelease.tv slot on iTunes or download direct from here.

Seen the movie, now want to read the book? The Flying Scotsman: The Graeme Obree Story is a tear-jerking, inspirational biography, available through Amazon by clicking the above book title.

Pedestrian granny v revving sports car

It looks almost too good to be true. Spoof or genuine street drama? You decide.

If spoof, how did they get the airbag to inflate upon handbag impact?

PSP download spam trashed

Like any site with the ‘add your own comment’ feature, Quickrelease.tv is bombarded with spam comments. Some get through the spam filter and look like real comments. All contain a URL in the hope you, dear reader, will click on it and fly off to the often dubious content.

The latest bit of spam which finagled its way past the filter was manually trashed but it was ironic which story it decided to infect and to which kind of site it was forwarding to. For obvious reasons the URL won’t be repeated here but it was a games download site, hoping to entice readers to download games for PSP players. And the Quickrelease.tv story? 10 Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer.

No real surprise but that article was aiming to get more kids cycling…and away from their PSPs and Gameboys. Of course, now that this site has uttered these keywords, the spambots will hone in on this story. Drat!

Shimano/YouTube comp: the shortlist

The Quickrelease.tv bicycle short video competition had a whopping 134 entries by the close of play on August 30th. These 134 have been whittled down to nine. The finalists will be judged at Interbike by Tour de France TV commentators Phil Liggett and Bob Roll.

The other judges are Kozo Shimano, Interbike’s Rich Kelly, and the illustrious members of The-Spokesmen podcast, including David Bernstein of the Fredcast, Tim ‘Masiguy’ Jackson, Donna Tocci of Kryptonite and Tim Grahl of the Crooked Cog Network.

The competition videos had to be short and had to be “TV adverts extoling the virtues of bicycling to a mainstream audience. So, go light on the Lycra. No techie stuff. No Critical Mass protest vids. No art installations. Just great images of cycling that could make Joe and Joanna Public get out there and ride…for the sheer fun of cycling.”

A number of the entries were spoof videos and because these were so good they have been rolled into a category of their own.

THE SHORTLIST, part 1 (in no particular order)

Bike it, you’ll like it:


Transport for London ad:

Amsterdam: The Bicycling Capitol of Europe:

WeJustWorkHere2 (SantA Cruz Bicycles):

NFTA1 (Bike to work, Netherlands):

THE SHORTLIST, part 2 (spoof vids, again in no particular order)

Cycling – Jolly good fun:

10% percent less:

Cyclists live longer:


The competition winners get Shimano schwag, including top-end components. The competition is also sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Co. of the US, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale. A video of a New Belgium TV ad featuring cycling was used in the Shimano/YouTube competition video:

Well done to those on the shortlist, commiserations to those video-makers who didn’t make it through. An announcement about the winning entries will be made from the first day of Interbike, September 26th.

Fort William highlights videos

Steve Peat snapped off his saddle so didn’t grab any silverwear. But that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the multitude that thronged to a reasonably out-of-the-way destination to watch the UCI World MTB Championships at the weekend.

Here are some video highlights:

Men’s Finals replay

1st Sam Hill

2nd Fabien Barrel

3rd Gee Atherton

4th Greg Minnaar

Steve Peat

Women’s DH
1st Sabrina Jonnier

2nd Rachel Atherton

Watch MTB World Champs live here on Quickrelease.tv

Thanks to those wonderful multi-camera folks at Freecaster.tv here’s a clickable player so you can watch tonight’s action from the Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, live from Fort William.

The 4X action kicks off at 8pm tonight (UK-time). The player requires your ‘puter to have the latest version of Quicktime. Freecaster doesn’t have the rights to stream the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships to the US. Apparently, UCI president Pat McQuaid is currently in the US and will personally knock on the doors of any Americans daring to access the Freecaster coverage. He’s a big bloke, you have been warned.

The 4X events look likely to fall to Michael Prokop (CZE) and Jill Kintner (USA). They have the explosive energy needed to move ahead in sprints, fearless commitment in the jumps and a natural ability to choose a line that puts them in front of their competitors. But they won’t have it all their own way in Fort William, especially in the Men’s race when riders such as Brian Lopes (USA), Guido Tschugg (GER) and the ultimate showman, Cedric Gracia (FRA) will be going for the Fort William crown. The Brits are also strong contenders, led by Gee and Dan Atherton, Will Longden, Scott Beaumont and in the women’s race, Joey Gough and Fionn Griffths.

On Sunday at 12:30 UK-time watch live coverage of the Downhill Championships for Women’s Elite and Men’s Elite on the slopes of Aonach Mor. Has Steve Peat recovered enough from his recent injury to withstand the challenges he will face in the new longer course of Aonach Mor?

Revolution stays in Manchester but expands to Oz and Wales

Season 5 of the Revolution kicks off on October 20th. The velodrome-based event is a class act, soon to be available in Newport and Australia, too. Watch a video from last year’s series…

The series continues November 17th, January 12th and February 23rd. With British Cycling and many international riders now using the Revolution as crucial preparation for UCI competition the racing is getting harder and faster with riders travelling from outside Europe to enjoy the Revolution experience.

This year the Revolution will be top and tailed by the National Track Championships and World Championships providing an awesome season of racing for the newly laid Manchester track.

However, not all the Revolution action will take place in Manchester with new events scheduled for Australia and the Future Revolution taking place on the 13th and 14th October at the Newport Velodrome.

“The Revolution brand is growing,” said James Pope from Face Partnership.

“We have established a partner to develop Revolution in Australia with an official launch scheduled for the beginning of October. In addition, the Future Revolution, which has been developed in partnership with DHL, has been set up for juniors providing an exciting race programme for British juniors to take on their international counterparts.”

Tickets for Revolution on October 20th are now on sale from the Revolution website or by calling 07005 942 579 or 0161 223 2244.

“Hi mum, I’m at Interbike”

The US trade show has announced the ‘Return of The Media Center’ so those not able to get into the show – the public – will be able to watch footage on a variety of bike industry websites.

The 30-x 40-foot Interbike Media Center with TV studio and working news room is designed to help journalists cover news of the show, which runs from September 24-28 in Las Vegas.

It includes a TV studio interview area for media companies or exhibiting manufacturers interested in conducting, recording or broadcasting news about new products, celebrities, panel discussions, advocacy and so on. Quickrelease.tv will pop up now and again, as will members of The Spokesmen podcast. There will be an Interbike-special recording of the Spokesmen podcast which will Continue reading ““Hi mum, I’m at Interbike””

Leccy sponsor to produce ToB podcasts & blogs

E.ON UK – a sponsoring partner of the Tour of Britain, which starts 9th September – is to offer lots of ToB content from its website.

The company – which owns Powergen – is to offer a daily podcast, a daily blog, an online game, and SMS competitions.

E.ON UK is the sponsor of the King of the Mountains competition, and there’s sure to be lots of polka dot branding on the ToB microsite at www.eon-uk.com/tourofbritain. This goes live on Friday.

Those planning on seeing the race from the roadside can look forward to E.ON hand-out hats, with E.ON red on one side and the King of the Mountains spots on the other. There will also be some branded bidons and and clappers at selected stages.

The race takes place 9-15th September, with the seven stages taking the cyclists from London to Glasgow. Teams involved this year include CSC, Barloworld, T-Mobile and Tinkoff Credit Systems.