“speedo cyclists in country lanes”

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Subject: speedo cyclists in country lanes

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Hi the village lanes around kingston seymour are flat – we are furious at the silent speed these cyclists go – today we were confronted by a know it all lycra cyclist who said its not law to have a bell on the bike – as he shouted obsenities to me and my sheep dog – as we shouted sense to him – am i breaking the law or is he ?


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Subject: re speedo cyclists in country lanes

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Hi ******

From the sound of it neither of you are breaking any laws (although swearing can be, in some circumstances, considered a breach of the peace).

New bicycles are required to have bells fitted *at the point of sale* but are not required to have them fitted once outside of the shop.

If you’re having problems with speeding cyclists perhaps you could request your local police station operate a ‘community speedwatch’ service? You and other concerned members of the local community could then measure the speed of all vehicles passing through Kingston Seymour. Bicycles are considered vehicles in law and cyclists have to adhere to the same speed limits as motorists.*

Count the number of motorists and cyclists breaking the speed limit and once you have collated the results approach your local authority to introduce speed reduction measures. You may also wish to broach the subject of “silent speeding”. Cyclists don’t have engines so are silent by default; electric cars are also extremely quiet.

Narrowing the roads through Kingston Seymour could be a good way to make all vehicles – silent or otherwise – go more slowly.


Carlton Reid

* Chris Gerhard points out that only motor vehicles have to adhere to speed limits. However, cyclists could be done for riding dangerously or carelessly. I will add to ‘Cycling and the law’ on BikeHub.