Bike Shop Sales Sore at Tour Du France

An interesting headline for a press release sent from a certain PR company. Sore? As in ‘ouch, that hurts’? No, apparently the PR person meant ‘soar’, as in ‘fly high as a kite.’ Which is perhaps what the PR was when she wrote the release?

Shall I reveal the client?

[Large multi-store bike shop] Sales Sore during TdF

The Tour Du France (sic, Tour du Gascony maybe) has been successful for the Brits with Bradley Wiggins dominating most stages. With this in mind, please find attached some great product from [bike shop large enough to employ an outside PR firm]. There has also been a rise in bike sales, please see below some stats and a quote from a spokesperson from [said bike shop].

“What’s clear to see is that sales of Road bikes has increased this month. We were less than half way through July, but had already sold close to the total bikes sold in June. Whilst we expect to see growth in July due to warmer weather and the TdF throwing the spotlight on our sport, this year we are pleasantly surprised by the surge in sales. Why are we surprised? Because we haven’t had any assistance from the weather this year, it shows that the passion people have for the sport outweighs the negative impact of the weather.”

“Our sales have improved best between £700-£2000, which is around the value we would expect our real cycling enthusiasts to be spending. No doubt many of these consumers have been inspired by the success of Wiggins and all other racers, and therefore feel that they too can step up their performance by having the next level of equipment.

“With the Olympics just around the corner and a potential gold in multiple cycling disciplines, we are really excited to see how big the buzz is going to be. I think the anticipation and expectation is there, let’s realise our countries (sic) potential and see how motivated we are. All we have to say is, Allez Wiggo and Go Cav!

“Alongside the approaching Olympics also comes the potential for, and expectation of, some transportation issues and we’re seeing customers looking to cycling as a way of getting around.”