Bicycle helmet law MP tells twitter followers about car & pedestrian helmets


On 25th October @ItDoesTheJob sent a tweet to @allpartycycling, the twitter account of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group and patched in Peter Bone MP, the Tory MP for Wellingborough:

“Bicycle helmets offer a false sense of security.”

The MP, who has long campaigned for helmet compulsion for UK cyclists, replied:

“Bicycle helmets save lives and prevent serious injury. How can anyone be opposed to them?”

Fair point. If a protective device saves lives it ought to be considered a ‘good thing.’ Helmets for pedestrians and motorists would undoubtedly save lives but campaigners for bicycle helmet laws rarely, if ever, admit this point.

I sent a sarcastic tweet, removing the words ‘bicycle helmets’ and replacing them with ‘car and pedestrian helmets’.


Surprisingly, he retweeted my tweet. Not once, but twice. His 585 followers have now seen car and pedestrian helmets in the MP’s timeline. Peter Bone may not read have my tweet and retweeted it because I said “Well done @PeterBoneMP”; or he’s a contrarian happy to repost messages he doesn’t agree with.