These stencils put cars in their place

Tatsuro Kiuchi Car Path stencil

Cars are great. I own one. But so do many other people. And that’s why cars aren’t always the best tool for the job. In urban areas, for short trips, walking or cycling is often quicker and certainly better for personal health and for the planet and for the least impact on others. One person propelling a hunk of metal that can seat four or five people is such a waste of space. Which is why I like the illustration above. Car travel, in towns and cities, should be reined back by planners and politicians.

This idea is on the ascendency. Planners are waking up to the fact cities are for people, not cars. In car-obsessed Britain it will take longer for car permeability to be curtailed, but with such a finite amount of space to play with, and with a growing population, the desires of the motorised majority to drive everywhere can’t be fulfilled for ever.

The illustration above is by Japanese artist Tatsuro Kiuchi. The car stencil reminds me of the work of Pete Drew, an Australian artist who let me place his pro-bike polemic on Flickr back in 2010. The image has had 77,000+ views to date and was given a creative commons licence so it could be disseminated widely. If often pops up on Facebook and Twitter, although, sadly, rarely credited to Drew.

'This one runs on fat & saves you money' by Peter Drew of Adelaide

Bike Parking by Peter Drew of Adelaide