Zidane-hit spoofers produce TdF skit

The French songsters who last year sold 460,000 singles spoofing Zinedine Zidane’s World Cup head-butt are hoping to cash in on the Tour de France with a timely drug ditty

‘EPO I Love You’ is a catchy little number sung in French and Spanish. It’s being promoted by La Plage records and is backed with a nifty Flash-based website with downloadable ringtones.

Featuring lines such as “I don’t want any champagne, I prefer my EPO” and “EPO I love you, thanks to you I will be number one”, EPO Te Quiero is already a hit on DailyMotion.com, with over 54,000 views of a video featuring a bidon emblazoned with the letters E, P and, of course, O.

The erythropoietin-themed song is a follow-up to ‘Coup de Boule’, a tribute to the heading skills of World Cup hero/zero Zinedine Zidane of France. This was also launched on the internet but was uplifted by Warner Music France and published commercially, becoming an instant hit.