This is what The Telegraph motoring survey would look like if drivers told the truth

The Times is championing its ‘cities for cycling’ survey; The Telegraph is calling for the resurrection of £2000 subsidies for car buyers and shouting about its motoring survey, which is sponsored by an insurance company. The two surveys are related: dismal driving behaviour makes cycling (and walking) far more dangerous than it needs to be. And this dismal driving behaviour is acknowledged as a given by the Telegraph:

“Fed up with the standards of driving and aggression on the UK’s roads? Here’s your chance to have a say to provide a clear picture of attitudes to cars and driving across the country.”

Well, I’m a motorist so I’ve completed the survey. If my fellow motorists were truthful here’s how they’d answer the questions:

There’s a question about which brands of cars attract the worst drivers (I’m agnostic on this so ticked all the boxes) but, perhaps amazingly, out of 21 mostly-loaded questions there’s not a single one about the danger posed by lorries or using a bicycle as a transport choice. However, there’s a question where respondents can choose to ban cyclists from roads. I choose speed limiters, although would have also liked to tick the 20mph box. As this question allows for only one answer if anybody answers “ban cyclists from certain roads” it’ll be obvious for the Telegraph to spot the swivel-eyed loons. But why provide the option in the first place?