PSP download spam trashed

Like any site with the ‘add your own comment’ feature, is bombarded with spam comments. Some get through the spam filter and look like real comments. All contain a URL in the hope you, dear reader, will click on it and fly off to the often dubious content.

The latest bit of spam which finagled its way past the filter was manually trashed but it was ironic which story it decided to infect and to which kind of site it was forwarding to. For obvious reasons the URL won’t be repeated here but it was a games download site, hoping to entice readers to download games for PSP players. And the story? 10 Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer.

No real surprise but that article was aiming to get more kids cycling…and away from their PSPs and Gameboys. Of course, now that this site has uttered these keywords, the spambots will hone in on this story. Drat!