First pix from London’s Cycle 2007

There are 78 show pix stored here on Google’s Picasa. Same shots have been placed, lo-res, on YouTube here. Subscribe to the podcast to get the hi-res slideshow sent to your iPod or Apple TV or PC. Here’s an excellent 73-second tour of the show, via Yannick ‘YouTube’ Read of the CTC.

Charge fixies and hardtails, plus the ‘distressed’ kitchen, one of the best show booths I’ve ever seen at a bike show. Different to, but rivalling, this year’s Cervelo booth at Interbike.

Condor’s 60th birthday party, featuring Phil Liggett, Disco Stu and Mick Jagger’s road bike.

Fizik’s four sizes/styles of MTB saddles, depending on travel per bike.

Hope’s 24-inch, £2000 kids bike. Some of the CNC’ed parts have been seen at Eurobike and Interbike but this is the first time the bike has been seen in one piece.

Hope’s new LED Vision One battery lamp.

The £10,100 Santana Quad from JD Cycle’s.

The camo kid’s jersey from Polaris.

Transport for London’s new Bespoke cycling products brand, licensed to Fisher Outdoor Leisure. First products are LEDs and Harrington-style classy black jackets, with mudguards to come before Christmas, and lots more in 2008.

Raleigh’s upmarket town bikes (Pioneer Elites), the reissue DBR with the retro splatter paint job and the reissued Raleigh Super Tuff Burner. Only 500 will be made, and all have been booked by dealers already.

More and bigger pix here.