Podcast interview: Belt drives on bikes

Over on BikeBiz.com I’ve done a number of news stories on carbon synchronous belt drives for bicycles.

At Eurobike Orange showed prototypes of its belt-driven MTBs and city bikes. At Interbike, Spot, via Carbon Drive Systems, created waves at the demo days with a fleet of belt-drive singlespeeds.

Before Interbike I spent some time at the UK HQ of the Gates Corporation, exclusive manufacturer of the PolyChain carbon synchronous belt drive. This is in Dumfries, Scotland.

After signing non-disclosure forms and taking a tour of the factory’s pristine PolyChain manufacturing unit, I interviewed David Arthur, a senior engineer at Gates, and Michael Bonney of Orange. Some of their words made it into a double page spread magazine article on belt drives. I also produced this video:

However, at the time I didn’t do anything with the audio interviews. I’m putting that right here and now. Subscribe to get the podcast here from iTunes or get it as an MP3 download here. Bonney and Arthur spend eighteen minutes discussing the benefits of belt drives on bikes.

For the most part, belt drives will be most useful for city bikes but Bonney also discusses how DH MTBers are already finding belt drives make them go faster. And Arthur makes a plea to British Cycling: evaluate these 99.4 percent power efficient belt drives for use on track bikes.

Perhaps with belt drives this chain-snap wouldn’t have occurred?:

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Mind you, the chain snap – which occurred in training on the Manchester track – didn’t seem to hold the rider back. The riders, including Jody ‘Snapper’ Cundy, went on to win the world title in the Team Sprint.

Video spotted at:Cyclelicio.us