Bike books win big

Matt Rendell’s book about Marco Pantani and Michael Hutchinson’s book about the hour record have won awards at the prestigious British Sports Book Awards ‘07.

The awards were handed out by the National Sporting Club at a lunch in Café Royal on Tuesday.

The Death of Marco Pantani won ‘best biography’ and Michael Hutchinson won the ‘best new writer’ award.

The Death of Marco Pantani was published in hardback by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in June 2006 and the paperback will be published in June this year.

Hutchinson is the author of The Hour: Sporting Immortality the Hard Way by the Yellow Jersey Press.

The Times described Rendell’s biography thus:

“There are three passages in this brilliant but nightmarishly bleak book where, caught up in the excitement of Pantani in his pomp, Matt Rendell switches to the present tense to describe his greatest victories. The writing here is breathless, awe-struck, more evocative and incisive than TV pictures or newspaper reports could ever be. But Rendell, although a fan, is meticulous and painstaking and he investigates the Shakespearean tragedy of Pantani’s life as if it were a crime scene.”

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