Death Row Scot warns bike thief

Kenny Richey, who was sentenced to death in America in 1987, has had his bike half-inched from outside his mother’s home in Edinburgh.

The 43-year old was released from a US prison last month. He said the bike theft was typical: “Welcome home, Kenny.”

Interviewed on local radio station talk107 he warned the thief: “If you’re out there, I want my bike back, because if I see you riding it…”

When he gets a replacement bike Ritchey needs to read this bike security article because his locking technique is a bit rusty:

“I had the wheel padlocked to the frame but had not padlocked it to the fence. Some jammy bugger came and took my bike. They got a bar from a fence, put it in a chain and twisted it until it snapped and ran off with it.”