Got GPS? Replay your rides

Uploading your GPS data to a website isn’t new, Garmin-owned Motion Based does it very well, especially for users in the US.

And here’s a new GPS-tracker from the Nethlerlands which links photos, Google Earth images, TeleAtlas mapping and a ‘play ride’ button that plots your ride and, er, plays it back to you. Sort of.

Trip Tracker is in beta testing right now and doesn’t have many UK bike trips but this ride by Mark Dunscombe features photos and it’s fun to press the 100x speed function to make the head icon spin round the Ywrch Trail.

Site creater Reinier Fleuren wants more GPS users to upload data. He says the website will remain free to users. The stats thrown up by the site aren’t as detailed as those on Motion Based, but they’re free.

Motion Based has placed a bunch of YouTube vids of its data in action. Here’s a vid of the XC MTB course at the forthcoming Sea Otter Classic in California:

Motion Based has mapped all of the Sea Otter routes and the website has gone gloriously interactive, placing YouTubed helmet cam footage next to the maps and stats. Cool, really, really cool.