Does driving make you mad? Or just bad?

“The motor car in the hands of the average man is rapidly facing extinction.”

So starts the brilliant Disney cartoon ‘Motor Mania’, a classic from 1950. It stars Goofy as the Jekyll and Hyde character, Mr. Walker/Mr. Wheeler.

Watch it and weep:

I’ve embedded this video (and sent it to iPods etc via iTunes) because it stars in a book I shall be reviewing tomorrow. I’m half way through it. It’s brilliant. Right up my street, you could say.


“Hey, you think you own the whole road?”

Mr. Wheeler: “Hurumph! Of course I own the road. My taxes pay for them…I pay for the roads and I’ll use ’em.”

Mr. Wheeler: [yelling at passing cars] “Get off my road! Move over! Lemme pass!”

At traffic lights: “Aargh, 30 seconds gone of my life.”