Don’t blink, kids

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Usually, on a Friday afternoon in term-time, I coach 20+ kids at a local primary school. This cycling club had an excursion this Friday afternoon. We went to the Tour of Britain stage finish in Newcastle-Gateshead.

We walked from school and got to the finish line with 40 minutes to go. There were plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained but they were itching to see the race hit town.

Hugh Porter did a great job at ramping up the excitement…and then it was all over. Alessendro Petacchi won – again. Rob Hayles came in a valiant second – again.

By hanging out further along than the finishing line, I was able to grab the odd rider to sign autographs for the kids. Travis Meyer of the South Australia team did a sterling job as he was mobbed by the cycling club members. I failed to stop my number one target: Bradley Wiggins (a name all the kids know thanks to a certain event in China) but at least the kids saw him close-up.

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