Twitter Updates for 2009-01-04

  • Watch out for this phishing attack on Twitter users – steals your account: (via @mbites) #
  • What White People Like and create t-shirt featuring bike, Apple, Ikea, recycling, icthus etc. #
  • Going crazy, downloading accounts files for tax purposes. I hate book keeping part of running a business. #
  • Pies out of the freezer. Defrosting. That’s the last of ’em. #
  • I’m more easily distracted when I’m doing book-keeping than at any other time. Sorry to any accountants reading but I’d hate your job. #
  • @canmoremd No, not jailbroken. Do you use Truphone? Good app for overseas roaming. #
  • @canmoremd Yes. Needed wifi at the time, but doesn’t now, although I can’t trial new version until I next hit the States. #
  • Mark and @chipps at Singletrack mag kindly sent me an industry-only hip-flask. Trialling it now, with tiny tot of body-heated Glenfiddich. #
  • @londoncyclenews Here’s a pic of the hip-flask. #
  • @Chipps wow, they raced at the NE CX champs on the Saturday. Did you have podium places for u12 boys and girls? #
  • @ZappoMan No but I use spanning sync for the bike dates thing @fredcast prefers BusySync. #
  • @guykawasaki Bicycling is excellent for steady sustained weight loss. And longevity in general. #
  • Sipping thigh-heated Glenfiddich. #
  • Pies RIP. #
  • How is Casablanca on Apple TV available in HD when it’s a 1940s movie? #
  • @johnleonardo re HD. Makes sense. And The Simpsons, too? #

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