If Street BMX becomes Olympic sport, what cycle discipline dies?

At yesterday’s cycling reception in Westminster, British Cycling’s Dave Brailsford let it slip that street BMX is probably going to become an Olympic sport. Mark Sutton, my colleague on BikeBiz, says this is “huge news for BMX”.

I’m all in favour of street BMX joining racing BMX at the London Olympics but who makes these decisions? Probably not the International Olympic Committee. It’s down to a sport’s governing body and in this case that governing body is the UCI.

When he was president elect of the UCI, Pat McQuaid told me the UCI was being lined up to be the governing body for all “wheeled sports”, even sports like in-line skating.

But the UCI has a poor track record of protecting blue riband cycling events. To introduce racing BMX to the Olympics, the UCI wonks – in their wisdom – ditched the kilo and the women’s 500m time trial. The women’s event was a recent entry but the kilo had been in the Olympics since the very first summer Olympics, in 1896.

I campaigned hard – but unsuccessfully – against the UCI decision, creating a pro-kilo petition and delivering it, by hand, to the gnomes of Aigle.

The follow-upstory on BikeBiz.com got the UCI is all sorts of hot water with the IOC.

The UCI later removed the minutes of committee meetings from its library, following disclosures I made on BikeBiz.

So, which cycle discipline will have to be removed from the Olympics to make way for street BMX? The UCI doesn’t answer my emails (I wonder why?) so I haven’t got the answer.