£20+k F1-inspired bike to be unwrapped next week

In December 2007, I provided info on a data-capturing super-bike. Then all went quiet. I got the odd teaser email but nothing worthy of passing on. Until now. BERU f1systems, the makers of Factor 001, have sent me the following info.

The world’s most advanced bicycle to be unveiled
Factor 001 – the definitive version of the innovative new road bike using
Formula One and biometric technology – about to break cover


A high performance bicycle, created and built by motorsport precision
engineering specialists, BERU f1systems, will be revealed at the launch of
the Science Museum’s new free exhibition “Fast Forward: 20 ways F1TM is
changing our world” next week (March 11th). Factor 001 – a ground-breaking
training tool combining innovative design and advanced electronics –
promises to challenge the way athletes and serious enthusiasts use the
bicycle and undertake fitness training.

Factor 001 is the result of a creative project to explore the transfer of
design approaches, technology and materials from Formula One (where BERU
f1systems is a supplier of various components such as electronics and
composites to every team) to mankind’s most enduring invention. The bike
is a lightweight (under 7 kg including all equipment) carbon fibre
monocoque structure, designed using the same powerful modelling and
analysis software used to build Formula One cars. The on-board computer
and performance monitoring system, incorporating various motorsport-grade
sensors, a GPS and a radio transmitter, are integrated into the handlebars
and throughout the bike. Factor 001 boasts what are believed to be many
firsts for the cycling world:

• Multi-channel electronics package which provides unique ergonometric
data collection, logging and analysis capabilities; can correlate
biometric data from the rider, physical force data from the bike and
environmental data; developed with feedback from professional athletes.
• Carbon ceramic brakes provide endless, exact braking performance at any
• Almost all original parts; key components designed and manufactured
in-house from Formula One-grade materials.
• Fully integrated structure using BERU f1systems’ Wire-in-Composite
patented technology; load sensors, wiring, batteries, sensors, control
cables and lines for the hydraulic braking system are all fully integrated
into the composite during construction, to give unparalleled efficiency and
durability with a clean, uncluttered appearance.
• Twin-spar frame reduces sideways frame flex and preserves rider
• 8-spoke monocoque composite wheels deliver high lateral stiffness and
robustness for everyday use.
• Bespoke made-to-measure frame (to within 1mm); each customer to
experience Formula One-style ‘seat fit’ process.

“I am very pleased that what started as a ‘clean sheet’ design exercise to
showcase our expertise in composites and electronics has delivered such a
beautifully styled, scientific training device,” says John Bailey,
managing director of BERU f1systems. “Athletes and their trainers now have
access to performance enhancement capabilities that are the norm in
top-level motorsport, and individuals interested in an exclusive, high
end, differentiated bicycle now have a serious alternative.”

Factor 001 will appeal to professional and semi-professional athletes
competing at the highest levels in cycling and other sports; as well as
personal trainers, fitness camp organisers, and affluent fitness training
enthusiasts. One of the key benefits of the bike for riders is its ability
to collect laboratory-quality data, while being ridden outdoors. BERU
f1systems is already in talks with various sporting bodies about future
applications of the data measurement software. Factor 001 is available to
order from BERU f1systems now. Pricing will start at under £20,000 while
the full version with the software package will cost in excess of £20,000.