[Audio] Gary Fisher on transport bikes

Gary Fisher in his Dashing Tweeds cycling suit

At the weekend I caught up with cycling legend Gary Fisher, one of the founding fathers of mountain biking. Gary was in the UK to lead some rides at Chevin Cycles of Otley. He rode his trademark 29er, but earlier that morning I grabbed Gary at breakfast and dragged him into a hotel ballroom to record the audio below (also available on the Quickrelease.tv podcast on iTunes). We didn’t talk about wheel sizes, we talked about transport bikes.

You can follow Gary Fisher on Twitter.com. [I’m here. 600 bike pro riders, shops, mags, blogs etc here].

The audio was recorded in a hotel ballroom, just after breakfast on Sunday. There had been a wedding reception in the room and it had been cleared of furniture. We sat on the floor; apologies in advance for some of the popping and rustling, that’s either Gary slapping his thighs or me wriggling on the carpet. Next time we upgrade to a table…

I also recorded Gary during the previous night’s screening of Klunkerz, the MTB history movie. I’ll release that audio next week.

Gary Fisher on his Superfly, Chevin Cycles, Otley