Can you add to this advice for new cyclists?

The other day a journalist working on a new website for the BBC asked me for five quick tips for new cyclists. Here’s my five. Please add your own list of five top tips, or add one or more to my list. This could develop into a useful little tip sheets for virgin cyclists.

1. Feeling wobbly? Get some cycle training from experts who metaphorically hold your hand as you venture out on to the roads or learn how to tackle mountain bike terrain. Kids who’ve yet to take to two wheels can throw away their stabilisers once parents have read this article.

2. Buy right. Don’t buy a bike from a supermarket, get real advice from bike shops. And visit the shop regularly for bike servicing in order to keep your bike in tip-top shape.

3. Ride with others. Cycling is pleasurable solo but it’s great to chat as you ride along. Join a ride with a local CTC group. These are split into slow and fast rides and newbies always welcome.

4. Don’t just ride for fun. Once you catch the bug you’ll realise you can cycle all over the place. To the shops, to the pub, to work.

5. Buy the strongest lock you can find. Cycling is increasing in popularity so bike theft is on the increase also. Opportunist thieves can break into flimsy bike locks. Pro thieves can break into anything, but a good lock buys you time. When possible, take the bike with you into buildings rather than leaving outside.