Niki Gudex and other riders star on Cyclepassion calendar

Some people are now collecting the German Cyclepassion calendars. I get sent press copies each year – the 2008 calendar is the third – but they’re quickly confiscated by my wife. Dunno why, it’s just the high-end bikes I’m ogling.

The year the calendar features photographs of fast women such as Irina Kalentieva, the 2007 Russian MTB champion, and MTBer and model Niki Gudex. The chain wig, above, was modelled by Sweden’s Emilia Fahlin of the T-Mobile team.

There are blokes on display, too, albeit mostly clothed. Except, that is, for MTBer Ralph Näf of Switzerland. He’s photographed in the bath with a model. Richie Schley of Canada was shot in the Continental factory in Korbach, Germany. He’s pictured wearing jeans and a jacket: the models are wearing Conti-designed rubber swimwear.

The calendar is spiral-bound, big at 40cm x 68cm, and and printed on 250g silk paper. It’s produced by Anke Wilken of Mannheim, a self-confessed “bike widow”.