QR.tv’s vodcasts are back!

If you’re a subscriber to the Quickrelease.tv video podcasts you won’t have had any fresh vids since November. Sorry about that, I’ve been busy on a whole load of other projects.

To make up for it, I’ve today posted two videos. They were both done on lo-res video cameras but look really good on an iPod screen. The first video is a better quality version of the Nicole-Cooke-at-the-Team-Halfords-Bikehut launch which I published to YouTube yesterday. Watch until the end for the arrival of bike cops, preventing BBC TV news reporter James Munroe from filming in the Royal Parks.

The other video is a sub-30 second short called SMIDSY (sorry, mate, I didn’t see you). I published a lower quality version of this to YouTube a few days ago. For the iPod version (ie not available on the Quickrelease.tv YouTube channel) I’ve now added a little bit of extra footage of the LED-clad cyclist and also changed the music. It’s now set to Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Suite.

Click to open the Quickrelease.tv podcast on iTunes. The .M4v files can also be played directly here. Playback requires Quicktime. The SMIDSY video is here.

There’s also an audio-only podcast from the press conference, available as an MP3 here or via iTunes. Audio features interviews with Chris Boardman (talking about new elite, time trial frame etc) and Paul McClenaghan on Halfords, plus the press conference speeches of Nicole Cooke and Dave Brailsford, performance director of British Cycling.