Fat Face: The Big Fat Guide

Fat Face launches Big Fat Resolutions!

Following the massive success of the Fat Face ‘Face Book Christmas Gift Thrower’, the active lifestyle brand is back with more fun to throw round.

Instead of the usual New Year resolutions, like going to the gym, eating less chocolate and other such punishing practices, Fat Face is trying to encourage Facebook users to try learning a new activity!

Fat Face has produced an application for the social networking site that allows you to send your friend a new activity that you should try together. These range from learning to surf, how to ride a mountain bike, learning to sail or perfecting a windsurfing trick.

Apart from having a great deal of fun throwing surf lessons and mountain bikes around, you can actually WIN, so you and your friend could actually find yourself doing the activity!

Check it out here.

The Big Fat Guide

Fat Face is using the application to promote its newly launched ‘Big Fat Guide’, so has named the Facebook application ‘Big Fat Resolutions’!

The Big Fat Guide is Fat Face’s definitive bible for all active enthusiasts across a range of sports. The Big Fat Guide shows you how to get ‘out there’ by recommending activity centres across the UK; events to take part in and watch; the clothes to buy; the kit you’ll need; basically everything you need to help get you ‘out there’.

So, if you can’t wait to see if you WIN the real thing, and want to learn something new, check out www.fatface.com/bigfatguide for some great ideas.