Enough already!

If you think there’s plenty of my writing on the web already – BikeBiz.com, Bikeforall.net and QR.tv – you won’t be interested to know I’ve now got a monthly column on BikeRadar.com.

In the style of fellow blogger and BikeRadar columnist The Fat Cyclist, I’ll trail the column here but won’t spill all the beans.

The first piece is about a particularly hard Northern training ride, preparation for the two sportives I shall be doing this year.

The pain of the climb was long gone. This was cycling at its most sublime. To appreciate the good times, you have to suffer the bad.

And I’m not suffering enough at the moment. I need to suffer a lot more. On 11th May I’m riding the Fred Whitton Challenge, 114 miles over every major col of the Lake District. This will be my third ‘Fred’. My goal, as always, isn’t a stellar time, it’s merely to ride every inch of the route. At just under 100 miles ridden you’re faced with the twin terrors of Hardknott and Wrynose, tough climbs with fresh legs, murderous with jelly ones.

It’s on rides like these you know you’re not a cyclist for the pleasure of it, it’s the pain you seek out. Click to read the full piece …

And this is the video mentioned in the column, Phil Liggett riding in his eponymous Challenge.