Rich Oz BMXer builds replica Beijing track in back-garden

Luke Madill’s back-garden BMX track – an almost exact replica of the track he hopes to race on at BMX’s inaugural Olympic Games – first made the news late last year.

But it has now been filmed and syndicated to news stations across the world. BBC Newsround has carried the footage, ITN has pumped it out as an ‘and finally…’ piece, and the video is available from Reuters:

Madill’s Sydney back garden is pretty big as his plaything is the first Olympic-sized BMX track in Australia. The track features an 8m-high start ramp – plastered with a Red Bull logo, not something that will be allowed in Beijing – and identical humps to the ones that will feature on the Beijing course.

Australia’s Olympic squad won’t be selected until May but with Madill currently leading the world ranking points for Australia he’s a dead cert for selection…especially as he’s sharing his back garden track with fellow BMXers in the Oz team.

“I’m happy for people to come out and check it out and have a bit of a ride (but) I mean, I get to ride it every day so it’s a lot more of an advantage for me than them coming once or twice a month,” said Madill.