Upload a bike vid short, win Shimano schwag

Quickrelease.tv has created a YouTube competition site for posting short videos on the topic of ‘I want to ride my bicycle.’ Think of the videos as TV adverts extoling the virtues of bicycling to a mainstream audience. So, go light on Lycra. No techie stuff. No Critical Mass protest vids. No art installations. Just great images of cycling that could make Joe and Joanna Public get out there and ride…for the sheer fun of cycling.

The video submissions must be two minutes or shorter. Preferably shorter. You must own the copyright: in other words, the vid is yours. Upload to YouTube as normal and submit to this YouTube competition site. The judging will take into account public popularity of the videos, ie number of YouTube views, but there will also be off-line judging on the merits of the videos submitted.

The competition winner and two runners-up will win Shimano schwag. Lots of Shimano schwag. Shimano has kindly supplied a full Alfine groupset and a ton of other top kit, including Deore XT mechs, Deore hydraulic brake sets, 105 brake calipers, the list goes on.

Shimano Alfine is a stylish component group for a new category of sporty bicycles with internal hub gears. Alfine features a premium 8-speed hub gear, hydraulic disc brakes, a state-of-the-art crankset with an integrated bottom bracket. Shimano offers also Alfine wheelsets with a hub dynamo in the front and an internal hub gear built in the rear wheel.

Quickrelease.tv has a black Alfine groupset as part of the video prize.

Alfine is not All-Fine, or Alf-Een. It’s Al-fin-ay. So there.

The competition closing date is 30th August 2007 (the first day of Eurobike, Friedrichshafen) and the winner will be announced on 27th September (during Interbike, Las Vegas).

The judges include almost all The Spokesmen as well as Phil Liggett and Bob Roll.

Official comp rules here.