Doctor, heal thyself

The latest issue of the British Medical Journal has a double-page spread feature on how docs can tackle climate change. The two articles feature an illustration of a bicycle.

Mike Gill, visiting professor of public health at the University of Surrey, wrote:

“Health professionals were powerful catalysts to society changing its view on smoking…Most of us do not yet think of our high carbon lifestyle as an addiction…

“Just as doctors smoked in front of patients, many of us still drive to work in large cars.

“If you drive your car less, take more exercise…you will avoid the effects of obesity and help mitigate the effects of climate change.”

In the article ‘Ten practical actions for doctors to combat climate change’ authors Jenny Griffiths, Alison Hill and Jackie Spiby of the Health and Sustainability Network, and Mike Gill and Robin Stott of the Climate and Health Council, write:

1. Inform ourselves about the basic science of climate change, the health benefits of taking action, and the urgency of doing so.

2. Advise our patients. Better diet and more walking and cycling will improve their health and reduce their carbon emissions.

3. Use less energy ourselves…

4. Drive the car less; fly less; walk or cycle more…”

The Benefits of Bicycling

That’s a pic of a cycling doctor. And below there’s another one. See, cycling is contagious.

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