Nissan Qashqai Urban Challenge Newcastle UK

Here’s a quick bit of footage from today’s Urban Freeride event in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’ll cut together a longer piece for Monday. The YouTube vid is lo-res, sign up and subscribe to get the hi-res version for video iPods and Apple TVs here.

The Nissan Quashqai microsite will have some great footage online soon. The company is paying big bucks for an outdoor broadcast company to video what Nissan is billing as “first international Pan-European Urban Freeride Competition with the largest prize fund to date.”

However, there’s some bad news. US rider Aaron Chase was taken to hospital today after falling from a ladder bridge. He injured his back, and fellow star riders Darren Berrecloth and Cam McCaul went with Aaron to hospital. The 28-year old compressed his spine and chipped his L1 vertebrae.

Berrecloth told “Newcastle General hospital has one of the best spine surgeons in the country so Aaron lucked out in that respect.”

UPDATE (Weds, 9th May): Statement from Cannondale:
After a freak accident during the first stop of the QashQui event in Newcastle, England. Aaron was riding a ladder bridge, when his rear tire slipped off and he fell 8 feet down landing on his tailbone. The impact caused a compression of his L1 vertebrae. After several X-Rays doctors to not foresee ANY permanent damage and expect Aaron to make a complete recovery within 6 months.

We spoke to Aaron this morning from his hospital bed where he had high spirits while resting comfortably. When asked about the crash Aaron stated it was a total freak accident. “I was riding a wide bridge and my rear wheel just slipped off. Luckily the way I landed there will be no long term effects and doctors are expecting a 100% recovery.”

Aaron went on to praise all of his sponsors for their continued support at a very difficult time. “I have the best sponsors in the world, their support gives me peace of mind and encouragement to continue to do what I love so much.

Everyone at Cannondale wishes Aaron a speedy and healthy recovery!

Here’s some YouTube video of Aaron Chase as found on his MySpace page. Get well soon, Aaron.

The Qashkai is the Nissan car used as a skateboarding giant in this current TV advert: