Are you ready for the Ride of Your Life?

Click on the doc above for a 34-page sampler of David Rowe’s new eBook, ‘The Ride of Your Life’.

If you frequent bicycle blogs and podcasts you’ll be hearing a lot about David in the next couple of weeks as he’s doing a virtual book tour.

His eBook – designed by his son, Evan – provides guidance to sport-recreational road cyclists on how to choose smart goals. The eBook was released earlier this month by, and went straight to the top of its best-seller chart.

There’s an hour long interview I conducted with David here as an Mp3 or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get it automagically.

During each stop of the Ride of Your Life eTour, David will discuss how riders can prepare mentally for completing rides of 100 or more miles in a single day. He will also describe his experiences riding some of the great long distance events held in the Pacific Northwest of the US, including the Cascade 1200, the Rocky Mountain 1200, and the Portland to Glacier 1000.

Listeners to the audio podcasts, and readers of the book tour blogs, will have an opportunity to win free copies of the eBook by posting questions, and by sending in stories about challenging events they have ridden. David is collecting stories from readers who overcame physical, mental, or equipment challenges to finish a challenging ride. He is going to publish a compilation of the best stories in an another eBook, which he will make available – for free – later this year. Riders’ whose stories are selected for publication will win a free eBook.

Entry forms are available here.

The Ride of Your Life eTour begins here, today, and will continue on the sites below until February 26th.

The participating bloggers and podcasters are:

January 30:

February 1: The Fredcast. A podcast with David Bernstein.

February 4: PAC Tour. An interview with Lon Haldeman.

Febuary 6: UltraRob’s Adventures. An interview with Rob Lucas.

February 10: Cyclelicious. Interview with Richard Masoner.

February 12: BikingBis. Interview with Gene Bisbee.

February 17: The AdventureCORPS Blog. Interview with Chris Kostman.

February 20: The Everyday Athlete. Interview with Heidi Swift.

February 24: Interview with Jonathan Maus.

February 26: BikeLoveJones. Interview with Beth Hamon.