‘Family Cycling’ book on tour

No, not a book signing tour, just a family bike tour. We practice what I preach…

We’ve just returned from a week-long, lodge-based break in the Scottish Highlands. Normally we ride from B&B to B&B or from campsite to campsite but it was good to call a posh lodge home for a week, taking lots of micro rides in the area rather than an A to B tour of a region.

Below are my favourite pix from the trip. As you can see, the weather was bright and sunny, just like last year’s bike trip to Scotland. Thinking of booking a trip to Scotland? Call us to find out when we’re going next, that’s the guaranteed good weather week!









The new ‘Family Cycling’ book doesn’t include any of the pix above. But maybe a second edition might. If the book sells out, that is. If you want a copy of ‘Family Cycling’, it’s cheap-as-chips over on Amazon.co.uk, but if you’d like a signed, personalised copy I’ll do you one. I’ll throw in the postage and can even seal with a SWALK (I draw the line at locks of my hair, mainly because there’s not much left).

For American readers, paying me direct, via PayPal, is very probably the quickest way to get hold of the book because it’s not yet available on Amazon.com (although it’s available for pre-order for delivery in October!). Delivery to the UK or to the US, or to anywhere, really, is in with the list price of the book. So, it’s £11.99 in real world book shops so that’s how much I’ll charge.

If you want me to sign the book to a person, and with a specific message, let me know. I have the hand-writing skills of an ape, mind.

Send me your requested text in the wee box below, or via an email to carltonreid@mac.com, and pay the £11.99 here:

Email text for signed copies

The book can be previewed in page-flippy mode on Issuu.com, including the intro and, embedded below, a chapter on teaching a child to ride a bike: